Book Title (Publisher)




Mike Barnes Captain Beefheart (Quartet Books) AAJI N/A N/A
Paul Bley / David Lee Stopping Time - Paul Bley and the Transformation Of Jazz (Vehicule Press) AAJI N/A N/A
Stephanie Stein Crease Gil Evans - Out Of The Cool - His Life And Music (A Cappella Books / Chicago Review Press) AAJI N/A N/A
Steve Day Ornette Coleman Music Always (Soundworld) AAJI N/A N/A
Jeroen De Valk Chet Baker - His Life and Music (Berkeley Hills Books) AAJI N/A N/A
Brian Glasser In A Silent Way - A Portrait of Joe Zawinul (Sanctuary Publishing) AAJI N/A N/A
Larry Hicock Castles Made of Sound - The Story of Gil Evans (Da Capo Press) AAJI N/A N/A
Billy James Necessity Is... - The Early Years Of Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention (SAF Publishing) AAJI N/A N/A
Ashley Kahn Kind Of Blue - The Making Of The Miles Davis Masterpiece (Da Capo Press) AAJI MB N/A
Ashley Kahn A Love Supreme / The Story of John Coltrane's Signature Album (Viking / Penguin Putnam) AAJI N/A N/A
John Kruth Bright Moments - Roland Kirk (Welcome Rain) AAJI N/A N/A
Michele Mannucci Ornette Coleman. Dal blues al jazz dell'avvenire (Stampa Alternativa) AAJI N/A N/A
Dennis McNally A Long Strange Trip - The Inside Story of the Grateful Dead (Broadway Books/Random House) AAJI N/A N/A
Chris Murphy Miles To Go - The Lost Years (Thunder's Mouth Press / Avalon Publishing Group) AAJI N/A N/A
Philippe Renaud Simply Not Cricket (Renaud / Soundworld) AAJI N/A N/A
Gene Santoro Myself When I'm Real - The Life And Music Of Charles Mingus (Oxford University Press) AAJI N/A N/A
Alyn Shipton Groovin'High - The Life of Dizzy Gilespie (Oxford University Press) AAJI N/A N/A
Sid Smith In the Court of King Crimson (Helter Skelter Publishing ) AAJI N/A N/A
Paul Stump John McLaughlin - Go Ahead John (SAF Publishing) AAJI N/A N/A
John Szwed So What: The Life of Miles Davis (Simon & Schuster) AAJI N/A N/A
Paul Tingen Miles Beyond - The electric explorations of Miles Davis, 1967-1991 (Billboard) AAJI MB N/A
Various Authors Sonic Books (libro + cd) (Stampa Alternativa) AAJI N/A N/A
Chris Welch Cream - The Legendary Sixties Supergroup (Miller Freeman Books) AAJI N/A N/A
John Wickes Innovations in British Jazz, vol. one 1960-1980 (Soundworld) AAJI N/A N/A
Jan Mark Wolkin / Bill Keenom Michael Bloomfield - If You Love These Blues - An Oral History (Miller Freeman Books) AAJI N/A N/A