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And this time it's gonna be serious! Well, within reason...
After a lot of Engineering studies, I landed on Intellectual Property. Whew! Life is full of surprises!
What do you think of skiing? And Tae-Kwon Do? OK, let's go for a walk in the mountains or just silently sail over the crispy sea. Scuba is fun, too - though scarier than snorkeling. Otherwise some football (soccer) or volleyball will do. Not in the mood for sports? OK, let's taste some wine, or a beer, and enjoy some food. Then relax with a good book. Otherwise let's go watch a movie or to a theater show. Or let's take off and visit some place... the world is full of surprises!
My family's still in Italy, Salerno's the name of the place. My friends are around the world, even if I don't keep much in touch, I wanna say "Hey! I remember you guys!"