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Last updated 24 April 2000
24 April
VGA Plus! Second Edition Service Pack 2 released

This update fixes all the bugs found in the latest version of VGA Plus! SE, and adds some new things. See at
VGA Plus! SE page for details on changes made.
All VGA Plus! users should
download and install this update.

10 January
Now the site has a new graphic layout, you'll find all necessary informations with only one clic

The Advanced VCR Site has been redesigned to make its pages more interesting and useful than ever. New sections as the
frequently asked questions, the online helps and the author's page have been added. The old sections have been upgraded and fixed.


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VGA Plus!® Second Edition, advanced features for your VGA Planets® games

New author's e-mail addresses

Planets Image Converter®, the images sharing between Winplan and VGA Planets® for DOS wasn't so easy as now.

  Ships98® build 008, the better ships editor for MS-DOS with the latest updates.

Advanced VCR® Beta Program, sooner available to Advanced VCR® registered users.

Advanced VCR® Viewer, the complete solution for updating the VCR.EXE that comes with VGA Planets® for DOS.

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