* Kliqz Camelot * - Home to lots of stories about lots of people; I'm particularly fond of the "Lonely Men" series, but there are a lot of favourites there.

* Candy Doodles * - Christina Ortega's fanfiction; all of it is worth reading.

* True Colors * - Another excellent site, and home to a lovely Rock/CJ series.

* Chasing Dreams * - The home of authors Fae Sutherland and Maguerite Labbe, with both fanfic and published fiction.

Livejournal Communities

* Litterae Meae * - Penumbren's fiction journal. Fic from lots of fandoms and random notes, updates, and sneak peeks.

* Star-Crossed Hearts * - A closed community, but one always open to new members. An excellent place to share and find fic and friends.

Mailing Lists

* The Archive Wrestling Het & Slash Fan Fiction * - An MSN group that includes a mailing list, a fic archive, and RPGs.

* Kliq and Friends Fanfic * - Just what it says. Highly recommended! ;)

* WWE Slash Fiction Only * - A group for stories, fantasies, and dreams about your favourite wrestlers, regardless of fed.

* WWF Slash Fanfic * - For WWF slash-aholics.

* WWF Slash Mailing List - The place to post your slash fiction featuring your wrestling favourites.

And because I'm a video game geek...

* GameFAQs * - The place to find information about video and computer games.

* My video game collection * - Exactly what it sounds like. (A frighteningly large collection, too!)