By Penumbren

Disclaimer: No one is mine, darn it. But I'd happily buy HBK if they were selling him.
Distribution: ask first
Rating: G
Characters: Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho
Content: m/m implied, some mushiness
Author's Notes: Just a drabble, inspired largely by Melissa's bringing up the subject for her livejournal fic community and the fact that I'm warming up some long-disused musi. This moment takes place after "Morning After" and well before "Heartbreaker".

Milky Way bar

Shawn found himself holding his breath as Chris slowly turned his head, taking in the desert expanse in front of them. The tour of the house had been quick and he'd saved the view from the porch for the last, hoping that Chris would enjoy it as much as he did. Sparkling blue eyes met his and he felt the worry drain away as his lover smiled, leaning back into his arms as the fading rays of the sun painted them in warm shadows.

"I love it." The contentment was obvious, and he smiled slowly in return.

"Then welcome home, love."

~ finis ~

Milky Way bar

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