"Taking It Slow: Public Lessons"

By Penumbren

Disclaimer: No one is mine, darn it. But I'd happily buy HBK if they were selling him.
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Rating: NC-17
Characters: Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho, Triple H, Kevin Nash, Goldberg, Vince MacMahon
Content: m/m relations, language, some mushiness, sex, mild violence
Author's Note: Takes place some time after "Taking It Slow: Backstage Lessons."

Milky Way bar


Hunter stifled a yawn, rolling his eyes as he listened to Goldberg rant. /Lord, Vince was insane to hire this ass. Putting him in a feud with Chris... well, it's helped blunt most of the backstage crap, but I don't know if it was one of our brighter ideas. Forcing those two to work together hasn't blunted the hate. And if I didn't know better, I'd think Goldberg was planning something. Of course, that would require thought, which he's never been good at./

He looked around the room, pleased to see that attention was squarely on the current speaker. /I hate these thing. Speeches and signings and photo ops... god. Stupid pay-per-view./

Wondering how much longer the speeches would last, he glanced down the table at Shawn and Chris and smiled slightly when he saw how bored they looked. Chris was managing not to glare at Goldberg, which was impressive in and of itself. /At least Vince was smart enough not to put Goldberg anywhere near any of us./ He watched as Goldberg stomped by, heading for his seat down at the end of the table, past Trish and Victoria. He shifted a bit, then leaned towards Kevin, touching him on the arm during the brief lull. When he leaned over slightly, Hunter smirked at him.

"I think we should remind Shawn how to pass the time during these stupid things. Chris looks pretty bored," he whispered. A slow grin spread across Kevin's face and he nodded.

Hunter scribbled a quick note under the table and handed it to Kevin, who leaned back in an exaggerated stretch as he caught Shawn's eye. Shawn leant back in his chair a second later, turning his head to the side as he hid a theatrical yawn, reaching behind the momentarily empty podium to snatch the note from Kevin's hand. Hunter saw Vince glaring at them and had to hide his laughter with a cough. /Knows us too well./

Kevin straightened up again and Hunter watched Shawn out of the corner of his eye as he glanced at the scrap of paper he held. He saw the grin that Shawn immediately hid, but was forced to pay attention to the crowd in front of them as Vince stood and announced Kevin as the next speaker.

Hunter watched appreciatively as Kevin stood and took a step to the side, but remembered to glare as Kev started in on a speech about how he was going to win the title from Hunter and incidentally beat him senseless while doing so. He managed not to snicker as Kevin tried to look fierce, and forcibly stomped on the wave of heat that ran through him as Kevin glowered darkly at him. The last time he'd seen that look, he'd been naked on their bed and Kev had been fully clothed, belt in hand... Hunter shuddered slightly and turned his mind to other things, waiting for Kevin to finish.

After that, it was his turn at the mike, and he started a variant on his traditional rant about the title belonging to him and him alone, letting his mind wander a bit. He was startled by a pinch on his butt, and broke in his rant long enough to glare at Kevin, who was leaning back and smirking at him. With a growl, he finished his speech, cutting it a little short, and walked back to his seat.

"How many more speeches?" Kev asked quietly.

Hunter glanced around, mentally counting, and sighed. "Four. Trish and Victoria, and Shawn and Chris." Kevin rolled his eyes and slumped down in his seat a bit. Hunter cast a look down the table and was gratified to see Chris twitching slightly in his seat as Shawn leaned nonchalantly on one arm, the other one out of sight under the table. /Shawn must be taking it easy on him for now. Just wait til later,/ he thought smugly.

Any remaining smugness was wiped off his face when he felt Kevin's hand creeping up his thigh. He shot a startled look at his lover, only to meet a lazy smile in return.

/I shouldn't have reminded him how to get rid of the boredom.../ He had to stifle a gasp as Kevin leaned forward slightly, using the change in position to unzip Hunter's slacks and slip his fingers inside. /Thank god for formal tablecloths, I guess./ Hunter shot Kevin an appealing look, but was ignored. He bit the inside of his cheek as Kevin wrapped his fingers around his cock, squeezing the rapidly hardening flesh.

/Dammit. No wonder he was so interested in what I was wearing today... and why he claimed we didn't have time for a morning quickie./ Hunter tried to keep from moving as he continued watching their audience, those fingers trailing down to tease the skin beneath his balls, and cast a nearly desperate look down the table. /The girls have done their bit... just Shawn and Chris now.../

He jumped a bit as Kevin pinched the sensitive skin under his fingers and Hunter's eyes shot up to his. Kevin just looked at him, and Hunter had to swallow a moan as those fingers started moving again. They never stopped, squeezing and stroking, moving down to fondle his balls before returning to his aching shaft.

He couldn't help but shift in his seat, his hips trying to follow those movements, heat flickering at the base of his spine. When Hunter felt himself tense, felt the drops of precum start leaking from his cock, Kevin slipped his fingers around the base of his erection and squeezed hard.

The sudden flare of lust took Hunter by surprise. He managed not to squeak, but some noise must've escaped him, since Trish cast a concerned glance his way. He shook his head at her, clearing his throat, and closed his eyes, concentrating on not coming right then and there. When he felt like he had some semblance of control, he slitted his eyes open enough to glare at his lover.

Kevin ignored him, turning to him with outward concern masking the satisfaction that Hunter could see in his eyes. He gave Hunter's shaft one last squeeze, wiping off the liquid pooling on the head with his thumb before pulling his hand back. He casually brought his hand up to his face, resting his chin on his palm as he licked the pearly fluid off his thumb with an appreciative smile. Hunter nearly moaned out loud at the sight, his cock throbbing painfully as he took several deep breaths.

He barely heard Vince announce the autograph session, but wondered plaintively to himself if the day would ever end.


"For Shelly? Okay, then." Chris smiled at the excited girl in front of him. He signed the picture---of Moongoose, he was pleased to note---before handing it back. "There you go. You're welcome."

He sighed inwardly as he glanced at the long line stretching out to the side of the table. /I hate these things. They take forever, and it's always so crowded.../ And Shawn's hand creeping along his thigh during the opening speeches hadn't helped. But the next pay-per-view was less than a week away, and house show numbers were down, so Vince wanted a big promotional splash. So here they were.

/At least he sent Shawn. And Kevin and Hunter./ He smiled briefly at his lover, sitting at his side, before signing the next photo. /That makes up for Goldberg,/ he thought sourly, casting a disgruntled glance down the table at the other man, who was trying to act like he actually had a personality. He was half the length of the table away from Hunter, Chris noted for the first time. /Vince probably didn't want to risk them getting into a fight this close to the pay-per-view. Good thing... the way Goldberg's been acting lately, I think Hunt and Kevin are both ready to take his head off./

He frowned faintly in thought as he signed the next few pictures. /Odd. He hasn't done anything to them, just glared at me and said some nasty things. I wonder if they're getting all pissed at him for that. If they are, it's sweet but not necessary. He wouldn't dare try anything here. He knows it'd get his ass fired in a heartbeat if he did./ He glanced involuntarily back down at Goldberg, and felt a chill as he saw Goldberg staring at him, an odd light in his eyes. Some of the things Goldberg had said to him over the past few weeks came back to him, and he resolved not to get caught in any dark corners by the man. /Not that I couldn't handle him, but no use taking chances.../

He continued smiling and chatting for several more fans in line, trying not to look too often at Shawn. /We've already had one warning about being too public. At least Vince doesn't want us to hide it; we just have to be careful not to get caught doing anything today./ A sidelong look at his boss, and the watchful look he was giving them, and Chris had to hide a sudden snicker as he remembered their encounter earlier that week during a house show, after he and Shawn had had a match against each other.

They'd barely gotten backstage and down a side hall before Shawn turned on him, lust nearly making his eyes glow.

"Shawn, we shouldn't..." His words were cut off by the bruising kiss Shawn gave him as he pressed him hard into the wall, one leg between his. Chris shivered as he felt Shawn's erection rub against him, and gave in to the kiss, moaning as Shawn cupped his ass and pulled them even closer together.

"I think we should. And by the feel of it, so do you, boy," Shawn growled into his ear before biting it, drawing a yelp from Chris. The swipe of his hot tongue to soothe it drew out a groan, and Chris's head fell back against the wall as Shawn began biting and licking his way down Chris's throat.

He lingered at the junction of throat and shoulder, and Chris couldn't stop either the soft, broken noise that escaped him or the press of his hips against his lover's. As Shawn nibbled at the sensitive skin of Chris's collarbone, his free hand wandered down to the waistband of Chris's tights, slipping inside.

"Shawn...!" Chris's hips bucked as Shawn's fingers trailed across his shaft.

"Something you wanted, boy?" Shawn hissed. Chris nodded, beyond caring that they were in a public place. He just wanted Shawn's mouth on him, now. As he raised his head to tell Shawn that, a noise made them aware that they weren't alone.

A throat being cleared.

/Oh, god, please let me be wrong about that voice,/ Chris pleaded silently as he flushed bright red, knowing that they'd been caught. Shawn, however, nonchalantly turned his head---without moving his hand, Chris realised---and smiled lazily at the man who was staring at them.

"Oh, hi, Vince," he drawled, his accent thick and his voice gravelly.

Chris's eyes closed in embarrassment. /Oh my god. Vince. I was right. It's Vince. He's going to fire us for this. No, he'll kick our asses and then he'll fire us. Oh god oh god oh god.../

"Damn it, Shawn! You, of all people, should know better," Vince growled. Chris forced his eyes open again at the tone of Vince's voice. It'd hadn't been angry, like he'd been expecting; it had been... exasperated? Resigned?

Shawn just shrugged, not releasing his grip on Chris's ass.

Vince sighed. "How many times did I have to warn you and Hunter?"

Shawn grinned at that and shrugged. "Not as often as you had to warn Kevin and Scott, that's for sure." Chris tried and mostly succeeded in muffling a snort of laughter at that, but got a glare from Vince anyway.

"Look, guys... Your private lives are your own, but at least try not to make it public, okay?" Vince's tone softened. "It's an open secret that half of you aren't straight, but I don't want to see any pictures of you on tomorrow's tabloids. The company could probably handle a revelation like that, but I don't know if you could. Most of the world's not very accepting of gay relationships, you know." The concern in his voice surprised Chris, but Shawn spoke before he could.

"I know, Vince. And I appreciate the concern. We'll tone it down in public, I promise." He sounded sincere, and Vince nodded, apparently mollified. He started to say something, then shook his head and walked away... but Chris caught the barest hint of an indulgent smile as he turned away from them.

"Not expecting that?" Shawn asked, studying him. He shook his head, and Shawn's lips quirked. "I'm not surprised. Vince does care about his people, regardless of his hardass reputation. He just doesn't show it often. And... he and I have always been pretty close." He paused and added more softly, "He's always been like a second father to me." Chris blinked at him, and he shrugged. "He's been there when I needed him, and he's offered good advice, a shoulder to cry on, and a boot in the ass when I needed it. He's a lot better man than a lot of people like to think."

Chris nodded slowly, mulling over this new insight into his boss, when Shawn pinned him against the wall again.

"Shawn!" His protest was half-hearted at best, but he cast a wary glance down the hall. Shawn chuckled.

"C'mon, Chris... he knows better than to turn around and come right back. If he caught us again, he might actually have to do something about it... and he won't." Chris frowned at him, but Shawn shook his head. "Why do you think me and Hunter got so many warnings? He kept threatening to fine us or suspend us... but he knew that if he suspended us, we'd just spend the time together anyway." Before Chris could answer, Shawn squeezed his ass.

"Now... where were we?"

Chris was startled out of his reverie by a puzzled voice.

"Mister Jericho? Umm... Mister Jericho?" He blinked, and realised that a boy was standing in front of him, looking intimidated. He shook himself a little and apologized, signing the picture with an especially long dedication to make up for his distraction. He caught Shawn's amusement from the corner of his eye, but bit his tongue rather than say what he was thinking. He'd promised Vince that he'd behave today, after all... /I'm starting to look forward to those photo ops. Geez./

He had to bit back a yawn as another pretty young blonde stepped up with a perky smile and offered him a faceful of cleavage as she bent forward. /Pretty, but not the blond I'm interested in./

He was just asking her name when he felt a soft touch on his knee. He jumped a little, then realised that it was Shawn's hand. /Not again.../ A quick glance to the side showed his lover animatedly chatting up a friendly brunette... while his left hand was out of sight under the table. He didn't even glance at Chris, but Chris could see the smirk on his face. He rolled his eyes as the blonde walked away smiling. /Great. Now I get to amuse him while he's bored./

He signed several more pictures, mostly managing to ignore the fingers that were gently squeezing his knee... until they started to creep up the inside of his thigh. He slitted his eyes and glared sideways at Shawn, who met his gaze long enough to wink at him. Gritting his teeth, he turned his attention back to the not-so-patiently waiting fans.

He was engrossed in the nearly rote actions of the autograph line, asking the next person's name, when Shawn's fingers cupped him through the fabric of his slacks, squeezing his balls. He choked back a gasp, managing to make it sound like he was clearing his throat. He squirmed in his seat as he signed the photo, those fingers squeezing and rolling his balls the entire time.

He slitted another glare at his lover as he tried to squirm away from those clever fingers, but was soundly ignored. He forced himself to relax again, and had just succeeded in doing so when Shawn squeezed. He squeaked, jumping in his chair, and openly glared at Shawn, who had pulled his hand away.

All he got in return was an amused look and a raised eyebrow. Chris nearly blushed as he realised that everyone was staring at him, with expressions varying from concerned to knowing... and one glare. Vince just looked resigned.

He cleared his throat and muttered a lame excuse about a muscle cramp. Most of the people seemed to accept that at face value, and he thanked whatever lucky star was looking out for him that day. /I do not need Vince coming down on me, especially after I promised that I'd behave today./

Rubbing his leg to play up his excuse, he leaned down, kicking Shawn under the table as he did. Shawn jumped a little, and Chris sat back up, feeling somewhat vindicated.

"You okay?" Kevin asked softly from his other side, glancing over. Chris nodded, trying to look as though nothing were going on, and Kevin raised an eyebrow at him before glancing down at his crotch and smirking. Chris couldn't help the faintly embarrassed look that swept across his face, and Kevin grinned. He winked at Shawn over Chris's head, which earned him an irritated glare from Chris.

Snaking a hand under the table, Chris tried to surreptitiously adjust himself, biting his lip as his hand pressed against his now-sensitized flesh. /Dammit, anyway... I'll probably be walking around with a hard-on for the rest of the day, now./ He let out an irritated sigh, then straightened back up in his chair and apologized to the young woman who'd been waiting for him.

As he signed her picture, he was a little taken aback by the slight smile on her face as she looked from him to Shawn.

"You're cute together," she told him quietly, giggling a bit at the blush that he couldn't stop. /Damn. Am I wearing a sign and haven't realised it yet?/ Chris wondered, watching her walk away.


When they finally released everyone from the autograph tables, Kevin sighed in relief. As much fun as teasing Hunter was, it hadn't left him unaffected and those damned cheap chairs hurt after the first five minutes. He stood and stretched, keeping on eye on Chris as he wandered through the crowd, chatting and shaking hands. /The photo ops are pretty casual, so I guess I don't have to worry too much about him. Although.../ He smirked to himself as he noted Chris's careful gait. /Looks like Shawn got to him pretty good. It's too early to let the teasing stop.../

He stopped and exchanged words with several fans, posing for some impromptu photos as he kept an eye on his prey. He caught Shawn sneaking up on Chris and chuckled as he watched Shawn pinch his lover's ass, fading into the crowd as Chris jumped and looked around for his unseen assailant.

Deciding that it was too much temptation to resist, Kevin ambled toward Chris and waited until he was conversing with what sounded like a rabid Fozzy fan. It was hard for someone his size to sneak, but he managed to get behind Chris without him noticing, and waited until an opportune moment before reaching out and firmly pinching a tight butt cheek before quickly stepping to the side.

"Dammit!" Kevin smiled as Chris swore under his breath.

He drifted along beside Chris, contriving to be talking to someone every time Chris looked at him. He watched out of the corner of his eye as Shawn snuck up and pinched him again, once again getting the gratifying reaction of a yelp and a jump. Even Hunter, having noticed the game by now, joined in by grabbing Chris's ass while he walked by, talking to Vince. Kevin saw Vince rolling his eyes, but otherwise he pointedly ignored the byplay.

Chris was looking incredibly frustrated and sulky, and Kevin discovered that a sulky Chris Jericho was an incredible turn on: lips poking out, eyes lowered... rubbing his ass... He swallowed past his suddenly dry throat and grabbed at that lush tush himself at the next opportunity, getting a good feel.

Chris spotted him that time, though, and with a dark glare, headed purposefully in his direction. Kevin was seriously considering trying to hide from the frustrated blond, when he saw Shawn behind Chris again. He wasn't quite sure if Shawn pinched or grabbed, but Chris jumped about a foot off the ground.

/Hmm... maybe just a straight-up grope that time,/ Kevin mused, watching Shawn smirk at Chris from across the room. Chris glared, his jaw muscles working, then seemed to sigh and give up. Kevin caught a fond smile on Shawn's face and shook his head slightly as Shawn looked at him. /Still the Boy Toy./

He posed for a few more pictures, losing sight of Chris in the crowd. Finally realising that he hadn't seen the man for over ten minutes, he politely begged off the next round of photos and headed towards the back of the room, wondering if Chris hadn't taken a moment to hide in a corner and get away from everyone. He tried not to worry, but he couldn't stop frowning as he tried to figure out where everyone was. He didn't even notice Hunter in front of him until he ran bodily into him, taking a step backwards to steady himself.

"Whoa, Kev! You okay, man? You look..." Hunter's words died as he got a good look at Kevin's face. Kevin shook his head.

"No. Where's Chris? I haven't seen him for about fifteen minutes." He was about to continue when he actually got a good look at Hunter. /Hmm. Hair messed up, slightly flushed... swollen lips.../

"Hunter! What did you do to him?" he demanded. Hunter stepped back, raising his hands.

"Hey, now, Kev... take a breath. Nothing he didn't enjoy." When Kevin glared at him, Hunter smiled fondly. "Back off, big guy. He's fine. He snuck off for a minute to get his breath and I kissed it right back out of him. And got in a few good feels." He pointed behind him. "He's just back there. Really---he's fine!"

Kevin could feel the worry he hadn't even been aware of draining out of him, and he smiled sheepishly at Hunter.

"Sorry, Hunt. I just..."

Hunter interrupted him with a laugh.

"You like to play Big Daddy. I know, Kev, I know." He winked, and added in a lower voice, "If it'll make you feel better, go check on him. He's around the corner." Kevin nodded and glanced around, making sure no one was watching them, before dropping a kiss on Hunter's lips.

"Thanks," he said softly, into Hunter's ear. Hunter smiled at him and wandered back off into the crowd.

/Well... that was better than what I was afraid of, at least. Hmm. I wonder if I can sneak up on him.../ Kevin mused as he walked toward the corner Hunter had pointed at.

As he approached, he could hear voices... raised voices. He hurried his steps.

"C'mon, Chrissy... you know we were good together," a rough voice wheedled.

"For about thirty seconds, maybe; that's all you were good for." Chris's disgust was evident in his voice. A growl sounded in return.

"You little bitch. You can fuck the whole group of 'em but you're too good for me? You're just a slut, Chrissy. And I take what I want from sluts." There were some muffled thumps and a gasp.

"Get off of me, you..."

His voice was suddenly muffled, and Kevin started running. /That fucking bastard. I'll fucking kill him for this.../ Kevin slid to a halt in front of a half-hidden alcove, staring at the scene in front of him.

Chris was leaning back against the wall, Goldberg in front of him. One of Goldberg's hands was on the wall, pinning Chris in place, and the other was wrapped around Chris's head, holding him still while Goldberg forced his tongue into Chris's mouth. Kevin could see Chris straining against the hold, noted almost idly the way Goldberg had forced Chris's legs apart and stood practically straddling the man, and realised even as he started moving again that he didn't need to.

Goldberg's head flew back as he roared in sudden pain.

"You bitch!" His hand flew to his mouth, wiping at the sudden spurt of blood, as he stumbled backwards. Kevin didn't see what Chris did next, but he could guess as he watched Goldberg double over, hands flying toward his crotch. Chris kicked him again as he fell and leaned over him. Kevin couldn't hear the words, but he watched as Chris spit on the man now lying huddled on the floor at his feet.

"Bastard." The anger in Chris's voice didn't quite hide the tremor, and Kevin held out his arms as Chris finally saw him standing there. Without a pause, Chris threw himself into Kevin's embrace, shaking. Kevin walked them around the corner, further back from the room and from Goldberg before he stopped and looked down at the man in his arms.

"Y'okay?" He knew it was a stupid question, but he couldn't think of anything else to say. He was too busy trying to shove down the fury that was threatening to spark into action.

"Yeah." Chris sighed, raising his head from Kevin's chest, and ran a hand across his face. "I just can't get his taste out of my mouth. And I'm pissed." Kevin took a closer look at him, and was somewhat pleasantly surprised to realise that the shaking was from anger, not from tears. /Well, what the hell did I expect? He's always been a tough S.O.B. We just never give him enough credit for that./

He glanced behind them and saw that Goldberg had prudently vacated the area... and that Hunter was rapidly approaching, looking worried. He stopped Hunter with a look and a shake of his head and mouthed at him, "Shawn!" Hunter nodded and turned around, looking for the other man. Kevin looked back down at Chris, who was looking at him with faint amusement.

"You were worried about me?" he questioned softly.

Kevin nodded, a wry smile pulling at the edges of his mouth.

"Yeah. Guess I didn't need to be, huh?"

Chris shrugged.

"I dunno. I think it's kind of sweet."

"Sweet?" Kevin drawled, considering Chris's still-shaken form. Chris nodded and Kevin's smile widened. "You want sweet, hon, I know something a lot sweeter than that." Chris frowned up at him, and he tightened his embrace as he tilted his head, pulling Chris snug up against his body. He sighed as their lips touched, and kept the kiss gentle, nibbling on Chris's lower lip before sucking it into his mouth, licking softly before pulling back a little and looking down at him. Chris sighed and his lips parted with a slight smile.

Kevin smiled back before leaning back in, his kiss fiercer this time, demanding a response, which Chris was more than happy to provide. Kev bit back a groan as Chris wriggled in his arms, slipping an arm around his neck and kissing him back with almost a desperate intensity. When they came up for air, Kevin cocked an eyebrow at Chris.

"So. Taste better?"

It took Chris a minute to figure out what Kevin meant, but when he did, he chuckled.

"Much." A pause later, he added softly, "And thanks."

Kevin nodded and they stood there in comfortable silence.


"Hunt? What's up?" Shawn turned away from Vince, frowning as he saw Hunter hurrying up to them looking concerned. Vince followed his gaze with a matching frown.

"Shawn... It's Chris." Before Hunter could say anything else, Shawn was scanning the crowd, trying to spot his lover. Hunter grabbed his shoulder. "Shawn! He's not here. He's in the back."

"What happened?" He tried not to let his sudden worry show, but he knew he'd failed miserably. Hunter shook his head.

"I don't know exactly. I saw Goldberg limping away from the corner by the restrooms, bleeding from the mouth, over by where I'd left Chris, but when I went to check, Kev had him and told me to go get you. So, here I am. I think you'd better..." Shawn was moving before Hunter finished speaking, pushing his way through the crowd. He saw Hunter talking to Vince out of the corner of his eye, but didn't care.

/God damn it, Chris, I warned you... I warned you that he was serious. Please god, be okay./ Shawn bit his lip as he approached the back hall, almost scared to think about what he might find. /No, no. Get a grip. If Goldberg had actually... had actually.../

Shawn's mind rebelled at the thought. /Okay. So, if the worst happened, Hunter would've mentioned Kevin killing the bastard. So whatever it was, it can't have been too bad. Relatively./

When he rounded the corner, relief hit him like a blow to the gut as he saw Kevin, arms around Chris, leaning against the wall. /He looks pissed... actually, they both look pissed, but nobody looks hurt. Thank god./ He hurried toward them, eyes only for his lover.

"Chris...?" He hated how tentative he sounded, but Chris's head jerked around at the sound of his voice, and he pulled away from Kevin, nearly throwing himself at Shawn.

"Shawn," Chris said softly, his face buried in Shawn's hair. Shawn wrapped his arms around him, just holding him. He murmured to Chris, stroking his hair as he looked up to meet Kevin's steady gaze. Some of Kevin's angry edge seemed to melt away as he watched the two of them, and Shawn spoke after a long moment.

"What happened?"

Chris sighed against him.

"I was stupid."

Kevin growled.

"It wasn't you! Goldberg--"

Chris shook his head and straightened up.

"No, I was just stupid. I came back here to get away from people... and from random gropes." He shot a wry grin at Shawn, who had to stomp on a sudden flash of guilt. "I just wanted to get my breath. And then Hunter found me, and... well." His smiled turned reminiscent for a moment, and Shawn had to smile at that. His smile faded at Chris's next words.

"And then Goldberg showed up. Hunter had left, and I was standing in the corner trying to regroup from him, and all of a sudden, Bill's in front of me. And he propositioned me. Called me a slut and you guys worse and then he tried to take what I wasn't offering. I think Kevin showed up at that point." Shawn glanced at Kev, who nodded, his expression closed.

"I was just furious. He forced his tongue in my mouth, and I bit it as hard as I could. Drew blood. He went to slap me, and I kneed him in the balls and spit on him. Then Kevin was there, and... Bill took off. Asshole." Chris tried to sound nonchalant about it, but Shawn could feel the tenseness in his body and ran a soothing hand down his back.

"I was about to beat the shit out of him when Chris decided he was perfectly capable of doing it himself," Kevin offered with a hint of a smile. Shawn snorted.

"Bet that surprised him. I knew you could handle him, babe. I just... I just wish you hadn't had to," he said awkwardly. Chris shrugged, looking at him.

"He won't leave me alone, Shawn, and you know that. He's been after me in some way or another since WCW. He won't try anything else for a while, if at all. He knows you guys are watching him, and I don't think he expected me to fight back. Since I did, I suspect all he'll do from now on is make snide comments. He's just a bully and a coward, and since he knows I'm not afraid of him, I doubt he'll try this again, at least."

Chris's matter-of-fact tone didn't make Shawn feel much better, and he could see some guilt in Kevin's eyes, too. /That won't help anybody. Our teasing Chris didn't make Goldberg try to attack him. Damn it, anyway./ He felt Chris shaking against him again, and stroked his fingers down his cheek.

"Okay?" he asked. Chris shook his head and chuckled at Shawn's alarm.

"Just adrenaline. I'll be fine."

Shawn cocked his head at his lover, very conscious of a suspicious hardness pressing against his hip.

"Fine, huh? I know something about adrenaline, babe. If you don't get rid of it, it'll just keep you keyed up for the rest of the day." Chris frowned at him, obviously mistrusting his suddenly teasing tone.

"And what did you have in mind, Shawn?" The suspicion in his tone made Shawn chuckle, and Kevin grinned.

Shawn glanced around, spotting the restroom door a few feet further down the hall. He walked toward it, pulling his somewhat reluctant lover along with him. Kevin followed closely, but they were stopped before they could enter.

"Shawn? Kev?" Hunter's voice was low, obviously not wanting to attract undue attention. Shawn looked over his shoulder and nodded at Hunter. Kevin stopped and motioned at him, speaking to him in low tones for a minute before rejoining the other two at the door.

"What did you say?" Chris questioned. Kev shook his head.

"Don't worry about it. Just making sure that nothing else will happen."

Any further words Chris might have had were cut off as Shawn pushed the restroom door open and walked through it with him. It shut again behind Kevin, who was only a few steps behind them.

Shawn released Chris and smirked at him, enjoying the bemused expression on his face.

"Now, about that adrenaline problem..." He pushed Chris back until his shoulders hit the tiled wall and slid to his knees in front of him, unzipping his slacks and pulling them and his briefs down in a practiced motion.

He licked his lips as Chris's cock bounced into view, already half-hard. Before Chris could realise what he was doing, he leaned forward and swallowed it whole, humming in satisfaction as it immediately hardened completely in his mouth. Chris's head hit the wall with a thump as his hands tangled in Shawn's hair, a strangled groan escaping him.

Kevin stepped forward, standing just to Shawn's side, and pulled Chris's head towards him, muffling Chris's groans with his mouth. Shawn sucked eagerly on the hard flesh in his mouth, using force and speed rather than finesse, and was gratified when Chris stiffened and his hands clenched as he thrust forward, his shriek muffled by Kevin's kiss. Shawn eagerly swallowed his lover's seed and released him from his mouth, licking him gently as he softened. Chris shuddered with each lick, but his breathing soon slowed, and Shawn tucked him back inside his pants.

/That was fun. But damn, it got to me, too,/ Shawn thought to himself. He licked his lips, then stood with a helping hand from Kevin and kissed Chris, smiling at his breathless sigh.

A growl from Kevin caught his attention and he turned, seeing the heat in Kevin's eyes. His gaze was drawn to the sizable bulge at Kevin's crotch and a soft noise escaped him as he imagined being fucked by him. Kevin nodded slightly, his eyes dark, and Shawn looked to Chris. /I wonder.../

Chris blinked a few times as he focused on Shawn's face, obviously not sure what Shawn was trying to ask... until he glanced up at Kevin. His lips formed a silent "oh" as he looked back and forth between Shawn and Kev, and Shawn knew that he was hesitating. He tried to say something.

"Chris... babe, I..."

Chris shook his head, and Shawn fell silent, feeling disappointed. /I can live without being fucked by Kevin in a public bathroom, but I was really hoping... I thought we'd gotten further than this. Guess not./

"Shawn... You and Kevin..." Chris trailed off. He stared at the floor for a minute, and Shawn sighed to himself. Chris looked up at each of them and smiled slightly. "You and Kevin would look great together."

Shawn blinked himself, not sure he'd understood correctly. Chris's smile widened, although his voice was uncertain. "Please... if you want..." A smile coming over his own face, he kissed Chris again in unspoken thanks before turning to Kevin. Kevin shrugged a little.

"No point in wasting time, I guess.... not after all that teasing." His tone was wry, and Shawn nodded, very much aware of his own growing ache.

/I think I'm about ready to explode. No foreplay needed today!/ He reached forward and unfastened Kevin's pants, sliding them to his knees, his mouth watering at the sight of Kevin's erection. He fumbled in his pocket and tossed a small, familiar tube to Chris as he shimmied out of his pants and thong, dropping them on the floor and leaning back, spreading his legs.

He wasn't sure if his lover would understand what he was asking, but Chris dropped to his knees in front of him, squeezing lube onto his fingers. /Mmm. Lovely sight. And with him involved, too.../ Chris reached between Shawn's legs, rubbing a finger across his entrance. Shawn shivered, and Chris grinned up at him before leaning forward and sucking the head of Shawn's shaft into his mouth.

Shawn cried out, and Chris slipped a finger into him as he thrust forward into his mouth. His cry became a strangled moan, and Kevin leaned forward to kiss Shawn, swallowing his cries in turn. Shawn tried desperately not to thrust into Chris's mouth, but the heat and wet called to him, and the lubed fingers stretching him weren't helping him stay still...

He finally pulled away from Kevin and gasped, "Chris, stop, please..." His lover looked up at him with a smirk and released him at the same time he pulled his fingers out. Shawn couldn't help the noise that escaped him as he felt suddenly deprived, and Kevin smirked at him in turn.

"Don't worry, heartbreaker. You'll get yours, just as soon as Chris gets me ready," Kevin assured him, glancing down at Chris, still kneeling between them. Chris looked back up at him before staring at Kevin's bobbing erection. Shawn saw him swallow at the sight and would've laughed if he weren't feeling so neglected. The sight of Chris squeezing the rest of the lube into his hand and gingerly taking Kev's cock into his hand to slick it up didn't help, and he moaned again, swallowing against a suddenly dry throat.

Kevin growled, low in his throat, and Shawn's eyes widened as Kev took a step forward and put his hands on Shawn's waist, picking him up off the ground and holding him against the wall. His lips slanted across Shawn's with unexpected ferocity and Shawn wrapped his arms around Kevin's neck as he responded, fighting for control of the kiss. When Kevin lifted his head, his eyes were nearly black.

"Ready, Shawn?" Kevin rumbled into his ear. Without waiting for an answer, he wrapped one arm around Shawn's waist and tilted his hips forward, pushing inside in one long smooth motion. Shawn nearly shrieked, going rigid, feeling the burn from Kevin's movement turn into molten flame that seared up his spine as Kevin started to thrust, covering Shawn's mouth with his own again. Shawn clawed at Kevin's back, trying to get him even farther inside, and Kev responded by speeding his movements, one hand grasping Shawn's hips hard. Shawn wrapped his legs around Kev's waist, shuddering with each thrust as Kevin fucked him hard and fast.

The fire inside him kept growing, and he tensed, but couldn't quite make it. The feeling of a hand on his dripping shaft made him look, and the sight of Chris, flushed and sweaty, stroking his cock in time with Kevin's thrusts was enough to send him over the edge. He stiffened, his back arched, as he came with a wail that Kev captured in his mouth, echoing it a moment later as he thrust one more time and came with a growl.

Shawn sagged against Kevin, and they stayed like that for a long moment, wrapped around each other, the wall the only thing holding them up. Shawn could hear Kevin's breathing harsh in his ear, could taste the saltiness of his own sweat on his lips, and his eyes drooped shut as he felt Chris gently letting go of him. Other than their ragged breathing, it was quiet.

Finally, Kevin grunted and raised his head.

"Sorry, Shawn... gotta move." Shawn nodded without opening his eyes. Kevin adjusted his grip and withdrew, drawing a soft noise from Shawn as he slipped out. Shawn put his feet back on the floor and immediately wobbled, Kevin's hands holding him up. He opened his eyes in time to see Kev frowning at him.


Kevin's lips twisted.

"I bruised you." He traced the outline of his fingers on Shawn's hip with an unhappy look. Shawn shrugged.

"So? Trust me, Kevin, it was worth it. I'll just have a reminder for a few days." He smiled up at the other man. Any further words from Kevin were interrupted by Chris.

"Here." He held out some damp paper towels. Shawn turned his smile on him and took a towel, wiping himself up. Kevin did the same, kissing Chris's forehead. Chris watched them with an unidentifiable expression as they cleaned themselves up and got dressed again. Shawn looked in the mirror, grimacing as he saw the mess that was his hair.

"You'd think I'd remember to bring a brush to these things," he muttered, running his fingers through his hair in an attempt to calm it down. Chris exchanged a look with Kevin that he saw in the mirror. "What?" he demanded.

Chris snickered and shook his head. "Love you." Shawn had to smile himself when Chris held out a folding brush.

"Am I that predictable?" he asked, watching as the other two exchanged another look. "Never mind. I don't want to hear it." He ran the brush through his hair, tying it back again, and then handed it back to Chris. He paused, almost hesitant as he looked at him.

"So... are you... okay, babe?" he asked, watching Chris closely. Chris hesitated for an instant, then smiled.

"Yeah. I am. I just wish..." he trailed off, and Kevin, studying him, shook his head.

"It's okay, Chris. Just allowing me to share Shawn with you was... well, very good. And unexpected. Thank you." He kissed Chris's cheek, startling a light blush out of the other man.

"I just... I just wish I were a little braver," Chris said wistfully. Shawn wrapped an arm around Chris's shoulders, turning him so that he could look into his eyes.

"None of that. Who kicked Goldberg's ass today?" he said with a smile. Chris grinned back.

"True. And I loved doing it."

"You've been brave this whole time, babe. All of this is new to you, and you've not only accepted it, you've enjoyed it. There's no shame in not being ready to experiment with something that's a little intimidating," Shawn said intently. Chris paused, but finally nodded, accepting his words.

Kevin looked at Shawn, his eyes speaking volumes, and Shawn fell silent, dropping his eyes to the floor. /Dammit, Kev, that's playing dirty./ He firmly shoved the memories back down, so caught up in doing so that Chris's voice surprised him.

"That's not fair, Kevin, and you know it. It's not the same thing."

The anger in his lover's voice startled Shawn. When he looked up, he saw a familiar concern in Chris's eyes. /Funny. He gets the same way with me about... that... as I do with him about Goldberg. I never realised before.../

Kevin held up a hand and nodded.

"I know, Chris. It is and it isn't. But it's all a matter of whether or not you're ready for it. Not being ready isn't anything to be ashamed of." The love in his eyes warmed Shawn. Kevin kissed Chris lightly and hugged both of them, holding them for a long moment, before leaving.

Chris just stared at Shawn for a minute, speechless, then smiled almost shyly.

"That was incredibly hot, Shawn." Shawn had to laugh.

"Well, of course it was---it was me, after all." Shawn put enough of HBK into his voice to made Chris chuckle. He gave Chris one last kiss before they headed out of the room.

Hunter was leaning nonchalantly against the wall next to the door. Shawn waved a hand at him.

"Thanks, Hunt." Hunter nodded, pushing himself up from the wall and wandered off, smirking.

Chris cocked his head at Shawn, who grinned at him.

"Didn't you wonder why no one walked in? It is a public bathroom, after all." Chris turned beet red.


Shawn laughed quietly and they walked back out into the main room, where the crowd had noticeably thinned. Shawn was reluctant to loose his grip on his lover, but a look from Vince convinced him to drop his arm. He stopped in the middle of the room, his hand on Chris's shoulder.

"You okay?" Chris nodded.

"Don't worry. I'll be fine."

Shawn looked at him for a minute, then nodded slowly and they separated.

The rest of the day went without incident. Goldberg was nowhere in sight, and when Shawn finally managed to corner Vince and ask him, he was informed that Goldberg had not been feeling well and had been sent back to the motel---with strict instructions to stay in his room. Vince's normally stern public exterior softened a bit, and he patted Shawn on the shoulder.

"Trust me. Nothing else will happen. I'll make sure of that." Shawn nodded, and Vince waved him off toward the last few photographers, a fond smile on his face.

Shawn caught a glimpse of Chris being heckled by Trish, who was pointing at his neck. Shawn squinted to see what she was pointing at, and starting laughing as he made out a hickey, undoubtedly left by Hunter. Chris was trying to fend her off, but his blush and her smirk told Shawn that he wouldn't have much luck.

The four of them gathered at the back doorway as the sun set, the day finally over. They stood chatting for a moment... and then Hunter pinched Chris's ass. Chris yelped and swiped at Hunter, who took off running for the car, Chris following after, swearing vengeance in all sorts of promising-sounding ways. Shawn and Kevin stood watching them for a minute before Kev turned to him.

"Think we should break it up?"

Shawn looked out over the parking lot and shook his head, grinning.

"Nah. I think Hunter's getting exactly what he asked for."

Kevin started chuckling as he saw what Shawn meant: Chris had Hunter pinned up against the side of the van... giving him a hickey.

/Yeah. Today was a good day,/ Shawn smiled to himself.

~ finis ~

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