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Step 1
Make sure you have the time and these products and sand paper before you start to refinsih your rifle stock and good luck :-)
In starting a project like this make sure you have the time,,, this project take about 2 weeks and hot days to complete.
If your rifle was like mine and was a surplus rifle, mine Yugo Mauser 2447 $100 bucks from Big 5 and came in free cosomine oil :-) lol. This is everything you need to start and complete in refinishing a rifle stock  but it does take time and some elbow grease. The 1st thing is make sure the rifle is unloaded and wrap it in some old towels and put it in your car in the morning on a hot day with the windows up. By the after noon take the rifle out of the car use some old shirts "white t-shirts" or what ever you willing to give up to use on this projects note that you can rewash the shirts, towels for another project but it will not be able to wear. OK on that note lets get to work take t-shirts wipe as much off as you can. After that take the rifle totally apart,put metal parts in small container and stock set a side with barrel and action. I use a plastic 10 gal walmart bucket. Take the stock and spray it with the steam cleaner going slowly and you see the stuff melt right off. After you spray the stock set in sun to dry,, now spray the metal parts wearing gloves they heat up fast from the steamer soon as you done with EACH metal part dry it with shop towels then place in simple green. When all metals part are done do the stock again and don't forget the handgaurd,,put stock back in sun to dry for a day. Now use a toothbrush and a plastic container as in pic above and scub each part using simple green then wipe it with a shop towel to it clean. The simple green eats the rest off the cosomine oil from what the steamer left behind. The next day hit the stock again and make sure you get everywere going in one direction to you get to end then stop.Put back in sun to dry. Now this is good time to use q-tips make sure you got all of the cosomine out when it is gone this is the time to reblue the metal parts that need it. I use a q-tip and out doors because the stuff has a strong odor and touch up places that need to be reblueing. Ok when that done set aside.  Cleanthe stock with murphys oil soap using  warm water and towel and scub, after your done spray the stock again with steamer making sure it clean. Put back in sun to dry for the next day.