Ok, this is a new space I put up just for the hell of it.  This would be where I basically say whatever I want, which can include, but is not limited to, rants, nostalgia, and other amusing things.  So there. 

Well, in the absence of any real rant, I'm just going to post this:

Thank you, and good night.


That's right, submit your own rants, stories, poems, whatever, and I'll post them here!

I decided to start of with an easy rant...something everybody can identify with...so here goes, on the subject of popup windows on the internet.
So what exactly is up with popup windows anyway?  Are these not the stupidest things you've ever experienced on a computer?  It's not exactly that I don't like the prospect of having unwanted and pointless advertisements popping up, disrupting chatting, research, or casual internet viewing, plus the added bonus of them consuming my computer's memory and the added chance of completely freezing my computer when I try to close them....oh wait, it IS exactly like that.  When they first started showing up, I thought, "hm...that's an interesting idea." and promptly closed them.  However, now it's nearly impossible to view anything without popups showing up every few seconds.  So yeah.  I hate popups.  As I'm sure you all do.  Or I could just be crazy.