Not much of an update here, more like posting something to link to the BLOG and taking care of a few minor things as well.  No new comics scanned in yet, but a couple are in the works, should be ready as soon as I'm done with my midterm Thursday (yeah, there's such a high demand for this page to be updated...I'm a dork.)  Also...have you found the secret page yet?  There are two.  Mwuahaha.  That's it for now, take care everybody!


Well, as you can all see, the comics page is back up and running after a rather long absense.  Thanks and congratulations to Ben for the collaboration, as well.  Life here in Florida has been keeping me busy.  I'm kind of sick right now, hopefully getting over that soon...but then of course I've got midterms and papers coming up, so the next few weeks may be a bit sparse.  Aside from that, life is great!  Take care all!


AND THE UPDATE COMES IN THE NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!   Er, how's it going everybody?  Life is good here...the new semester is MUCH better than last one...at least less stressful.  In fact, overall I'd say life is great.  Just a quick update here, to keep everybody from getting bored and such.  Take care everybody!


Well.  I've been doing an utterly horrible job of updating the page.  At any rate, some I posted some new pics, and HOPEFULLY I'll be posting more before my trip back to Florida. In other news, I'm enjoying a nice break here back home and catching up a little with friends and family, although I also look forward to getting back to my apartment and life back in Tallahassee...having two homes is always a juggling act, and I'm not the first person to discover it.  Take care everybody!


I'm currently enjoying a nice 3-day weekend of goofing off and accomplishing mostly nothing.  I have to say, in between all the homework, tests, and travelling, it's kind of nice.  At any rate, not a huge update here...added a BLOG to my site.  Saw one that my friend Dusty had and it seemed excellenty cool...so I added one (yay for inability to think for one's self).  At any rate, if you reallyreallyreally want to be able to contribute to it, let me know, and I'll...consider...it.  At any rate.  That's it for now, take care all.


And so the cycle of lazing off and rebuilding renews itself.  Things have been...hectic...here.  But life is good.  School is currently though only really rough point of my life.  However, hard work SHOULD fix that.  But moving on...  I'm quite excited about the nearing Thanksgiving break...it's been almost 3 months since I've been home and I'm anxious to see (hopefully) some snow, plus our new resided house.  All in all though things are good.  Take care everybody!


Well, it's been a while since my last entry to the recent page, even though I have been updating the page at least bit by bit.  I'm currently in my last full week here in Marshfield this summer, so I thought it would be fitting to post some pics from my [mis]adventures this summer.  And I definately want to thank my Marshfield crowd for a great summer -- you guys rock!  As for Tally and FSU, I'm on my way back soon, and I'm planning on having a great school year to match the summer.   Oh, I should also congratulate Steph Schwecke for winning the helicoptor game contest with an AWESOME score of 2441, although since nobody else entered a score, she didn't really have much of a challenge.  Well, that's about it for this time, take care all!


How's everybody doing?  I'm still working on finding some new pictures to throw up on the site for you all, but they've been slow in coming, mainly because I haven't been taking too many lately (go figure).   However, I'll still be doing my best to keep updating the page with cool new stuff.  So far the .fun. page doesn't seem to be too popular, since I've recieved 0 responses to it...so unless I get at least a few entries for it, it'll be coming down soon.  Anyway, that's about it for now.  Take care all!


Happy Birthday America!!  And a Happy 4th to all!  I'm still going for that record number of hits, and am working on bringing you fresh new things to check out on a regular basis.  Today I added in the .fun. section, with a couple contests for you all...we'll see how that goes over.  I also added a few new links for everybody.  Plus keep checking back for new stuff.  Take care all!


Yo.  Well, summer has officially kicked in, with temps hitting above 90 in Wisconsin.  Life's been good, but busy lately, filled with friends fun, and sun.  I've been doing my fair share of running too, which is definately good.  I've been a bit lazy on updating the page, but I've decided July is the month for revamping.  With any luck, I'll be able to beat last July's record number of hits to the page...which means more updates, more pics, and more fun to bring you guys back to the page.  That's it for now, but make sure to start checking back frequently!  Take care all!


Greetings to all, and welcome to the "new look" webpage.  Still working on changing stuff around, making additions, etc., but that will all be a while.  So far I'm still hunting for a second job, seeing as that my hours at Athlete's Foot have been severely cut.  Once I get that issue settled, I'll try to do more in terms of updates.  Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the new look.  Take care all