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So you want to know about me, huh? well you've come to the right place, my website! congratulations! well here goes...

Name: well as you may have  noticed by the caption under my picture my name is maria, nickname, mava. I prefer my nickname, thx.
D.O.B.: June 21, for all those people who forget! It's not on the 20 of July. not on june 20th! but the 21st!!! yeah, keep telling yourself ur friends! jp! :-P
Age: 15, wut year was i born? u do the math cause i hate math, and i want to make u suffer, not that u will rlly, but hey w/e!= P
Height: 5' 2'' ot somewhere along those lines...; yes I realize i am short, but im okay with it! (yeah right!!!)
Status: Single.......should I say that?! >shrugs<
School: Braddock senior high school... im not gonna do all that whoo crap with the class of '06 shit.  lets face it, i wanna get school done with and whooing would just not be right! It would be totally not be me.
Hobbies: Writing my novels that r never actually finished *but don't worry, i will finish the one im working on now! just watch! I will finish it! i made a promise and i intend to keep! damn str8!
spare time: I like to watch tv, read, go online... most of the time i'll be online ;-D

wanna know more? IM me at mavagurl21
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