"Life Through the Windshield"

Tri-State Delivery trucks can be found all over the Eastern half of the United States and into Canada. We haul dry goods...everything from toilet paper to tires in these 53 ft. trailers. We also haul Carbon Black which is a very fine powdery substance that is used in making rubber products. Most all of our trucks are 1998, or newer, Freightliners. This truck is my home, literally, and I take pride in keeping it clean. I've got a T.V. with a VCR in there and about 60+ Movies at this point. Some drivers have coffee pots, microwaves, refridgerators and more in their rigs. I think most of us who live on the road have a strong sense of adventure, although to some I'm sure it's just a job. I enjoy getting to see different parts of the country and I hope you'll enjoy the pictures that I bring to you.

As I travel across this great Country of ours, and even across the border into Canada occasionally, I get to see some of the most beautiful creations that God has ever made.
I got the idea for this page from a phone call that I received from my brother-in-law Pat Griffin. He said in the message he left me that he was just wondering how life looked through a windshield today. Other Friends and Family members have often asked me where I've been in my travels as well.
So I'm going to start posting pictures that I've taken all over the country, listing them by Country and State. Perhaps you will see places that you already know...and perhaps you'll get to see new places that you've always wanted to go.
I will try to inform you as to what part of the state the pictures were taken in including the particular road I was traveling at the time. My memory isn't all that good however so there may not be much more than a picture there. For now I'm just going to be listing the States that I've traveled through in the past 6 months. Some of them don't have pictures yet since I didn't have my camera the last time I went through...but as soon as I get back to those states I'll be taking pictures.
These pictures, for the most part, were literally taken "Through the Windshield" as I've taken most of them while driving down the various roads through this great land of ours. I hope you enjoy these pages. Please feel free to send comments about them to...

My Love to you All....Marc

Pictures of my Truck

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