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Haven't had much time to work on my site because of the rush of christmas and a sh*t load of homework. I have updated my site and made another page, the mmX1 strategy guide. working on sprites pages.


I have changed my main character as you can see, and the X1 strategy guide is coming along pretty well. I have the page for joining up, but I have not made updates to the site for various reasons(homework, exams,camping, etc.)
cya later!

Did sum changes to my website layout, put Kudo at a GM position, and the link to the X1 strategy guide is up. that is pretty much all. Oh yea, I have done sum work on the guide too.
Updated my rpg area, made the rules page up, made mercenX and Grendel's profiles, made a custom sprites page(anyone who tries to steal  pics from it is a talentless wad of Sh*t)

I made a humour page, and a new RPG today. it's called MHA: Second Age. It is going to be a continuation of this RPG. It won't contain spoilers because this RPG will end up different than Second age.

X1 strategy guide

Custom sprites


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This site is officially going to shut down. I just don't have the time or the real will to update it. Sorry about this. I have a new and *BETTER* website up though, you can either access the link below, or click on the button(it's the one with the fading sprites) -Enter The next Generation:Megaman:Generation X