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MIE Resources Online

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MIE (Mavica Information Exchange) Discussion Board
Main Board
Backup Board (use only when main board is down)
MIE FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) - maintained by Jim B.
View BIOs of MIE Members - maintained by Craig
Post your BIO 
(Craig says: "If any wish to submit a new or updated BIO, simply email it to me. Be sure it includes your username (MIE Memberslist). If you wish a BIO photo, simply attach it. If you include your 'real' name in the BIO, I will place it under your picture.")
MIE BIOs Collage
Maps of MIE Members' locations
MIE Store
Buy MIE logo shirts, caps, tote bags, etc.,mavican2
Mavica Chat
Mavica Webring
Mavica Webring
Friends of MIE (donations to support the board)
Friends of MIE
Mavican Roster (not up-to-date)
Mavican Shootouts
Mavican Shootout Schedule
Manuals for Mavica, Cybershot and Accessories
Battery Recall
Sony Mavica Battery Recall NP-F550 & NP-F750
Mavica Repairs by MIE member
Tim D

Sony Resources Mentioned on MIE

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Sony Websites
Sony USA
Sony Canada
Sony Europe
Sony Asia-Pacific
Sony Japan
Sony Latin America
Sony Middle East & Africa
Sony Global
Sony Online Product Registration US
Sony Online Product Registration Canada
Sony Online Product Registration Asia
Sony Promotion & Rebate Info
SonyCard US
SonyCard Canada
Sony Factory Outlet Stores
Online Sony Factory Outlet
Sony Factory Outlet Stores - US
Sony Parts
Sony Direct Accessories and Parts Center (DAPC)
Sony Service
Sony Customer Service
Sony US Service Locator (enter model number eg: MVC-FD75)
Sony Canada Service Locator
Sony Online Feedback
Sony Telephone Numbers US
Sony Contact Info Canada
Check the Status of your Repair - US
Digital Still Camera Solutions
Mavica Solutions
MemoryStick Media Solutions
PictureGear Lite Solutions
Sony Online Support Knowledge Base
Sony Tutorials
Sony Automated Tutorials: 
- How To Install The Windows 2000 USB Driver For The Sony CyberShot Cameras 
- How to Transfer Picture and MPEG Files From a CyberShot                  Camera to Your Windows Me Computer 
- How to Install Picture Gear 3.2 Lite on a Windows Computer
- How To Capture Video From A Digital Camcorder Using DVgate         Motion. (Pertains only to Sony PCs that ship with the DVGate software preinstalled.)
Sony Drivers
Digital Camera Drivers: Windows® Me USB Driver
Digital Camera Drivers: Windows® 2000 Professional USB Driver
Digital Camera Drivers: Windows® 98/98SE USB Driver
MVC-CD1000 Camera Drivers: Windows® 2000 Professional USB Driver
MVC-CD1000 Camera Drivers: Windows® Me USB Driver
MVC-CD200/CD300 Mavica Camera Drivers: Windows® XP PTP Filter Driver
MSAC-FDx driver for Windows® 95/98/ME/NT 4.0
MSAC-FD1A/FD2M Floppy Disk Adaptor Driver: Windows 2000 Professional Driver
MSAC-FD2MA Floppy Disk Adaptor Driver: Windows XP
MSAC-US1 and Intel® Pentium IV Incompatibility The MSAC-US1 is not recommended for use with Intel® Pentium IV Computer Systems. The Pentium IV was introduced by Intel after the MSACUS1 was developed by Sony, therefore a compatibility issue may occur under some circumstances. 
MSAC-US1 Memory Stick Adaptor Drivers: Windows® 2000 Professional USB Driver
MSAC-US1 Memory Stick Adaptor Drivers: Windows® 98/98SE USB Driver
DPP-SV55 Digital Photo Printer Drivers: Windows® 98/98SE & Windows Me Driver and Software
DPP-SV55 Digital Photo Printer Drivers: Windows® 2000 Professional Driver and Software
DPP-SV55 Digital Photo Printer Drivers: Driver and Software for Macintosh® Computers

Software Mentioned on MIE

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.411 files
.411 to .BMP program and C source code
Adaptec/Roxio EZ CD Creator, Direct CD
Adaptec/Roxio Support
Animator9 (for FD71,FD73, FD75 multi-mode images) Information:
CD Information or Recovery
CD-R Identifier
CD-R Inspector
CD - make your own CDs for slideshows or images
AutoCD, AutoCD-Photo, AutoCD Pro
Copyright/Watermark Editors
EXIF Readers
Digital Camera Extended File Information Viewer
EXIF Reader
EXIF Tag Info Viewer
EXIF Viewer - Kowalski
File Renaming Utilities
PIE (Picture Information Extractor)
R-name-it - Freeware
Lists of Photo Software Links
The Resource Page: Digital Camera: Software Download
MemoryStick Data Recovery
DataRescue PhotoRescue
Digital Image Recovery
Page Layout / Printing
Aunt Abigail's Photo Album
Iomega PhotoPrinter (for Win95/98)
Qimage Pro
Photo/Graphics Editors
Adobe PhotoShop
Adobe PhotoShop Elements
Corel PhotoPaint
Digital Camera Enhancer
Jasc Paint Shop Pro
jpgQ - JPEG Quality Estimator
Micrografx PicturePublisher
Neat Image Noise Reduction
Procreate Painter
Ulead PhotoExplorer
Ulead PhotoExplorer (older version) Freeware
Ulead PhotoExpress
Ulead PhotoImpact
Ulead VideoStudio
Plug-Ins - Photoshop, PhotoImpact
Fred Miranda Photoshop Actions & Profiles
Geniune Fractals
Test Strip
Digital Photo Slide Show
SlideShow To Go
Stitching / Panorama
About Panorama Creation & Stitching Tools
Arcsoft iPanorama
Arcsoft Panorama Maker
PanaVue ImageAssembler
Panoguide - Guide to Panorama Software & Panoramic Photography
Panorama Factory
Pixaround PixMaker
Pixtra PanoStitcher
Transferring/Organizing Photos
DCCS Digital Camera Contact Sheet
Digital Photo Handyman
Digital Photo Librarian
Mavicopy, Mavicopy II
Thumbs Plus
UDF Volume Reader
Adaptec/Roxio UDF Volume Reader

Webspace for Posting Photos

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Photo Album Websites
Canon Imageland
Guide to Online Photo Albums
Sony Imagestation
Free Webspace
Free Webspace 
(searchable guide to free webspace providers)
Freeservers (12MB)
Photo Printing Services
Big Picture - Large Format Printing
Dot Photo
EZ Prints
FutureShop (Canada) - FuturePhoto Online
WalMart PhotoCenter
Photo Puzzles
Jigsaw Puzzle Online Creator

Accessories Mentioned on MIE
(links in this section are to manufacturers' information; for competitive pricing, see Vendors section below)

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Accessories Compatibility List
Sony Digital Camera Accessories Compatibility List [from A&A Discount Video]
Compatibility Chart
Sony VAD-S70 (adds 52mm threads to DSC-S70, DSC-S75, DSC-S85, CD200, CD300)
Backgrounds by David Maheu
Battery Chargers
Lenmar Mach1 Speedcharger
Ray-O-Vac RV-5500U Battery Charger [URL needed]
Sima SPM13 Rapid Lithium Battery Charger (review)
Sony Batteries and Battery Chargers
Sony BC-V615 Portable Charger for Lithium-Ion Batteries
3 ft. USB cable  (TYPE A to MINI-B 5-Wire) for Sony Mavica MVC-FD92, Sony Cybershot, DSCP-30, DSCP-50, DSCS-75,DSCP-1, DSCS-85, Sony MVCCD-200, MVCCD-300. NOT for a DSCS-30, DSCS-50, or a DSCS-70.
6 ft. USB cable (Type A to MINI B 5-wire) for Sony Mavica FD-97 (perhaps other Mavica models as well)
Camera/Equipment Bags
Da Bag
DVD Players (Models that display .JPGs from CD-R or CD-RW)
Apex Digital AD-5131
These cameras use 37 mm filters: FD71, FD73, FD75, FD81, FD83, FD85, FD87, FD88, FD90, FD92, DSC-S30, DSC-S50, DSC-P30, DSC-P50
These cameras use 52 mm filters: FD91, FD95, FD97, CD1000, DSC-S505, DSC-F505V
These cameras use 58 mm filters: DSC-F707
These cameras use 62 mm filters: DSC-700, DSC-770,
These cameras do not have a threaded lens and need an adapter to use filters or add-n lenses: FD5, FD7, CD200, CD300, DSC-S70, DSC-S75, DSC-S85
Sony VF-37PKS, polarizer, 37mm
Sony VF-R37K, 37mm
Sony VF-R52K, 52mm
Sony VF-58PK, polarizer, 58mm
Tiffen Filters
Quantaray MS-1 Slave Flash (review)
Quantum Instruments
Sony HVL-F1000
SR Electronics Digi-Slave DSF-1s Slave Flash (review)
SR Electronics Digi-Slave RF-50 Ring Flash (site includes dental images)
SunPak Flash
Vivitar Flash
LCD Protectors
Da Protector
Other Protector (WARNING: MIE members report that this vendor is neither responding to orders nor refunding money.)
LCD Magnifiers
Sony VCL-0637H  0.6x wide angle lens, 37mm
Sony VCL-0752H  0.7x wide angle lens, 52mm
Sony VCL-1452H 1.4x telephoto converter, 52mm
Sony VCL-ES06A 0.6x wide angle lens, 37mm & 52mm
Sony VCL-ES20A 2x telephoto converter, 37mm & 52mm
Sony VCL-HG0737 0.7x wide angle lens, 37mm
Sony VCL-HG0758 0.7x wide angle lens, 58mm
Sony VCL-HG1758 1.7x Telephoto Converter, 58mm
Sony VCL-HG2037 2x telephoto converter, 37mm
Sony VCL-MHG07 0.7x wide angle lens, 37mm & 52mm
Sony VCL-MT2037S 2x magnifier, 37mm
Sony VCL-MT4037S 4x magnifier, 37mm
Sony VCL-R0752 0.7x wide angle lens, 52mm
Sony VCL-R2037 2x telephoto converter, 37mm
Sony VCL-R2052 2x telephoto converter, 52mm
Lighting for Digital Photography
Photographic Studio Equipment and Lighting
Sto-Fen Products (Note: Order products for Canon 420EX for the HVL-F1000)
MemoryStick Readers
Acomdata mini-FLASH! MS
Microtech ZIO! USB Memory Stick Reader
Sony DPP-SV55,12245,2652621,00.html
Sony DPP-SV77
Sony DPP-SV88
Sony FVP-1 Mavigraph
Sony UP-DP10 Personal Photo Lab
Remote Control
Sony RM-DR1 (for any Sony digicam with an ACC port on it)
Sun Shades
JAR Sunshield
Storage Devices
Digital Album
Digital Wallet
Celestron Tripods and Accessories
Gitzo Mountaineer Carbon Fiber Tripods
SLIK Tripods
Underwater Cases
Watertight Cases

Photography Information Resources Online

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CD-R Information
CD Media World
CD-Recordable FAQ
Depth of Field Calculators
Depth of Field Calculation Applet
Depth of Field Plotter - Nick Sushkin
Focus Pocus
Kodak Depth of Field Explained
Digital Photography Equipment Reviews & News
Digital Photography
Digital Photography Review
DP Review - Side-by-Side Comparisons
Focal Fix
Imaging Resource
Lazy Gecko
Steve's Digicams
Magazines - Online
Digital Photography Now
Digital Photography World (has suspended operations)
In Focus
Lonestar Digital
MAV! Magazine
Nature Photographers
PC Photo
Photography - Study the Works of Professionals
ABC News Photos of the Week
LIFE Magazine Classic Pictures
LIFE Magazine Covers
Masters of Photography
TIME Magazine Pictures of the Week
Photography Tips - Digital
Digital Photo Basics
Digital Photo Corner - Arthur Bleich
Digital Photography For What It's Worth
Do It Yourself Workshop: Digital Photography,1329,DPG,FF.html
GarageGlamour Photo Tips & Charts
Kodak Digital Learning Center
Macro Photography
New York Institute of Photography - Digital
Online Photography Courses
Photo Cropping Chart - Linda Z.
Photographic Lighting Explained
Shortcourses - Dennis Curtin
Terry Dawson's Digital Photography
Photography Tips - General
Better Photo
Elements of Modern Photography
Free Online Photography Courses and Tutorials
Garry Black's Tips & Techniques
How to Photograph Video Screens
Kodak - Taking Great Pictures
Lighting & Portrait Q&A
Lunar Eclipse Photography
Mounting Photos for Display - Ed Rozylowicz
New York Institute of Photography - see "Tips of the Month" and "Reference Shelf"
Photo-Search (A British Journal of Photography online resource)
Photo-Search: Seminars & Training
Photography Correspondence Courses
Photography Tips
Photos for Genealogy
PhotoSecrets Photo Tips
Professional Photography - Photography and Digital Photography Resources for Professional Photographers
RetouchPRO - Photo Retouching, Restoration and Manipulation
School of Photography
Study Photography Online
Tips From Smithsonian Photographers - Fireworks
Wildflower Photography Tips & Techniques
Sim-Cam (shows how f/stop and shutter speed settings affect exposure and depth of field)

Photo Equipment Vendors Online

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Cameras & Photographic Equipment
A&A Discount Video Sales
Adorama Camera
B&H - Digital
B&H - Photo
Computers 4 Sure
Fry's Outpost
Futureshop (Canada)
Henry's Camera (Canada)
PhotoWeb - IntroPhoto (UK)
Ritz Camera
Sears -  Sony Digital Cameras
Sony Authorized Online Dealers (list)
Why Buy from an Authorized Dealer?
MemorySticks (Sony, Lexar, SanDisk)
Mini CD-R
CDR Outlet
Genesys DTP
Shimad -- (ask for the "Linda Bonus" for the MIE, get 10% extra product at no extra charge)
Mini CD-RW
CDR Outlet
Genesys DTP
Price Comparisons
cNET Shopper
Price Grabber
ZDnet Computer Shopper
Propylene Pocket Album Pages
Bogen Photo
Vendor Ratings
Gomez - Camera & Photography
Gomez - Electronics

Digital Photo Contests Online

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Digital Photo Contests
Best Foto Photo of the Day
Better Photo Contest
Bill Jones' Creative Digital Imagery Photo Contest
ClubPhoto Photo of the Day
DigiCamPlus Photo of the Day
Digicam Views Hotshot of the Day
Digital Photo Chat Photo of the Day
Digital Photo Contest
Digital Photo Critique
Imaging Resource Photo of the Day
International Library of Photography Photo Contest (A note of warning was posted on the MIE that their contest may be a scam in that it seems that everyone wins and gets their photo in a book that they are invited to buy. You don't get paid for  your photo in the book but get asked to buy it.)
iWon Photo of the Day
Lazy Gecko Photo of the Day
Photo Contest Guide
PhotoPoint Photo of the Day
Shutterbugs Photo of the Day
Shutterline Photo of the Day
Sony Imagestation Photo of the Day
Steve's Digicams Photo of the Day

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