Are you also a true Tango Aficionado??? Because then you have come to the right place.

Welcome to the home page of Maja Wallengren, a global Tanguera of Danish origin but with a heart for everything Latin American, and ofcourse especially for the Tango.

I live in Mexico's capital, Mexico City, which is a thriving, sophisticated and elegant city of some 20 million people. I am actively involved in the tango community here in Mexico City where we are about 80-100 Tangueros attending the weekly milonga in town held every Friday night in an Argentine-run facility with life music.

The 20 or so more serious of us Tangueros here in Mexico City also meet on Sunday afternoons to our own outdoor milongas in different parks around town. For Mexico tango pictures, look under "Amigos del Tango" at Paco's Amigos del Tango album, (just click the link  to the left).

A Tanguera since 1998, I today help organise workshops for visiting Maestros from abroad, and have tangoed my way around the world in such exotic locations as Tokyo, Singapore, San Francisco, New York, Copenhagen, Barcelona, London and

then, ofcourse, Buenos Aires.

I am always keen to develope more international exchange projects through and with Tango, so if you have any ideas to that and share my non-commercial interest and love for Tango, I welcome your mails.

Welcome again to Misstango.com, because it's Tango -- nadamas...
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