From the creative mind of Mad Margie herself...enjoy...
A Promise

I closed my eyes and let the tear drops fall.
Because I was foolish.
I didn't listen for his call.
The call where he says:
"I'm taking you home.
On this earth you will no longer roam."
I didn't change my ways.
Now it's too late.
Now I'm standing on the other side of the gate.
Crying and pleading.
"Please take me with you."
He answered.
"I'm sorry.
There is nothing I can do."
"I thought I had time.
Another tomorrow."
Again he said:
"I'm sorry."
And my heart filled with sorrow.
Suddenly my life flashed before my eyes.
I felt ashamed because I lived my life in disguise.
He gave me a choice.
I made the wrong one.
I took too long to accept him.
Now it can't be undone.
He said:
"It's time to go.
Now please turn around."
I knew that it was over, and that I was hell bound.
I walked down the path.
I knew what was next.
I felt scared and alone.
I was sorely vexed.
Suddenly I woke up.
I had been asleep.
I sat up and made a promise.
A promise I will keep.
I will accept Jesus as my savior,
and pray to him each day.
Because I know he holds my hand,
and guides me on my way.

He Answered

Teased and picked on everyday.
She wanted out of this life.
She didn't want to stay.
So... She got down on her knees,
and asked the Lord why.
Why did she want this?
Why did she want to die?
He answered:
"My child please try to understand.
If you ask for my help.
I will gladly lend a hand.
Please don't walk away from my love.
Please listen to my voice.
You can choose what you want to do.
You do have a choice.
I'm always here for you.
No matter the time or place.
You must believe in me.
Even if you can't see my face.
I'm all around just look and see.
Even when the world does end.
I will always be!
So my child you must believe.
Because I will never forsake or deceive."


Who has set me free from sin?
Who knows when I need disclipline?
Who will tell me?
When I'm going the wrong way.
Who will listen?
When I have something to say.
Who will I turn to?
When I need a shoulder to cry on?
Who will I go to?
When all my strength is gone.
Who will be there through thick and thin?
Who will remind me?
To not let the devil in.
Who is the spirit that I pray to each night?
Who is the spirit that causes such delight?
The who that I speak of.
Is the Lord Jesus Christ,
and to save my life.
His own life he sacrificed.

One Starry Night

Jesus was born one starry night.
Sheperds and wisemen followed the light.
They came to a stable and saw a baby boy.
Immediately their hearts were filled with joy.
They knew he was the savior.
He was the one.
The one who is perfect.
He is God's son.
He was showered with gifts.
Frankensense, myrr, and gold.
The smile on his face was a joy to behold.
Jesus was born to show sinner's the way.
That's why there is a Christmas day.

My Reality

Sitting here alone in my room.
Drowning in a river of tears.
My whole world filled with grief and gloom.
Constantly running and hiding from fears.
Life has dealt me a crummy hand.
I feel like I''ve fallen face first in the sand.
My heart broken.
My head confused.
My heart is bleeding and I''m badly bruised.
I"ve lost my balance.
I''m about to fall.
I feel like I just hit a brick wall.
I''m just an outsider that nobody wants.
I''ll just have to listen to all the torments and taunts.
This is my reality.
This is my fate.
To be an outsider,
and watch from outside the gate.

Heaven or Hell

Heaven or hell.
Which would you choose?
If you chose hell, than you're sure to lose.
Walking down the road of life.
Sin will cut you like a knife.
If Jesus lives inside your heart.
Than satan can never tear you apart.
Heaven or hell.
Which would you choose.
If you chose hell, than you're sure to lose.

God Is

God is merciful. God is pure.
God is holy. God is the spiritual cure.
God is gracious. God is the key.
God is perfect. God is living inside of me.
God is good. God is love.
God is wonderful. God is watching from above.
God is mighty. God is great.
God is powerful. God will not wait.

Easter Is...

Jesus died upon the cross.
If you don't follow it's your loss.
Jesus came down, and wore the thorne crown,
and people today still wear a frown.
Easter is.... Christ rising from the dead.
We should be thankful for the blood he shed.
He gives away advice for free.
I know what Jesus wants me to be.
He came down from Heaven above,
and gave away such wonderful love.

He Will Be Back

When your on your knees in prayer.
Do you complain to God about what's unfair?
Do you only care about worldly things?
Doesn't anyone care about the jou Jesus brings?
When pain and sorrow bring you down.
Jesus can turn your frown upside down.
With his love he'll show the way.
He will be back again one day.

Best Friend

She's always there,
when I need to talk.
She is my strength.
She is my rock.
She comforts me,
When I am down.
When I need to laugh.
She is my clown.
She holds my hand.
When hard times come along.
She stands by me,
even when she knows I'm wrong.
When I have a problem.
She helps me out.
She understands me and what I'm all about.
She's my best friend.
I couldn't ask for more.
She's beautiful, terrific, and sweet to the core.

Don't Forget

God has given his only son.
All of you know what Jesus has done.
In your mind please make it cling.
That Jesus is our blessed king.
When you say your prayers at might.
Please remember to say them right.
Follow Jesus. Not the devil.
Don't be such a foolish rebel.
Day and night he watches us.
So quit making such a fuss.
Jesus loves us everyone!
So don't forget what he has done.

Easter Poem

On Good Friday Jesus died.
He answers prayers when we have cried.
He took away our heavy burdens,
and opened up the shadowy curtains.
Walk towards the light.
What a wonderful sight.
Follow Jesus.
Make no delays.
Because judgement can come,
in any number of days.

My Savior Died For Me

God has given us so much.
Like someone who can heal with touch.
Love and care.
It's all there.
Jesus gave his love to share.
Jesus is the holy one.
Think of what he has done.
Jesus' love has set me free.
I know my savior died for me.


I walked down the path.
Headed for danger.
When I heard a man calling me.
Who was this stranger?
I tried to ignore him.
I tried to run away.
But he kept trying to help me.
Day after day.
I was blinded by fear, rage, and sin.
The only thing in life I wanted was to win, win, win.
He finally reached me.
Uncovered my eyes.
This helped me to realize.
This world is full of nothing but lies.
Jesus died so that I could be free.
That's how I know that Jesus loves me.

With God By Our Side

Christ the Lord was born today.
He was born to show us the way.
Some people don't know, that he was God's son.
They don't even know what Jesus has done.
He was pure.
White as snow.
He knew he would die,
and to Heaven he would go.
His death was to hang.
On a cross at Calvery.
He died so that from sin we could be free.
We are all God's soldiers,
fighting the world of sin.
With God by our side,
we will surely win.

all poems © 1995-2006 Margie Peters...steal them and'll see...