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Max Fris

Square Dance in Denmark


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White ball Photos from CSD Caller School with Paul Bristow, May 21-24, 1999
White ball Photos from CSD Caller School with Wayne Morvent & Al Stevens, Nov. 1-5, 1999

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I began Square Dancing on September 15, 1989. Graduated Basic 1990. MS 1990/91. PL 1991/92. A1 1992/93. I went to Sweden for a summer week in 1993 for an A-2 class. Slowed down dancing in fall 1995. Attended an A1/A2 Tape Group 1999/2000.

Graduated Ph III Round Dancing in November 1992. (Have not been doing Rounds since 1994 because of lack of possibilities in Denmark).

I'm doing a little Line Dancing and Country Western Two-Step too.

Began teaching friends some Plus in 1996 by tape.

Attended a CSD Caller School in September 1995 (Bente 1), March 1996 (Bente 2), August 1997 (Bengt Bula), May 1999 (Paul Bristow), November 1999 (Al Stevens / Wayne Morvent), July 2001 (Bronc Wise & Jet Roberts), July 2002 (Dave Wilson).

Started teaching Basic classes in fall 1996. Mainstream classes winter 1997/98. Plus classes winter 1998/99. A1 classes winter 2001/02. A2 classes winter 2004/05.

Member of CSD / Callers' Society Denmark since 1996. I have served on the board of CSD since 1997. Editor of CSD NewsLetter since 1997, and Webmaster since 1999.

In 1998 I joined CALLERLAB - The International Association of Square Dance Callers - as Aprentice Member. Became Active Member in 2002. Have served on the Mainstream and Plus Committee since 2003.

At present (Spring 2005) I'm teaching one Mainstream class, one Plus class, and one A2 class for Østjysk Square Dance Club - Århus Omegn located in Tilst (nearby to Århus, the second capital of Denmark).

Member of CALLERLAB - Member of CSD Callers' Society Denmark) - Editor of CSD NewsLetter

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