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Utilties  Download
A collection of small utilities for use within Windows. Delete files on reboot before Explorer loads. Run Filemanager, Scandisk, Defrag, and other programs on reboot before Explorer loads.  Show hidden files and file extentions. Tempurature converter. Start mixer with or without advanced features enabled. Clean up histories and temporary files. Show some common folder locations. Just unzip the files and run them They  were  written in VBscript on Windows 98, and Windows Scripting Host 5.6 . If they dont run you may need to update Windows Scripting Host from Microsoft.
Update July 14, 2005 -- Change.vbe - Clean Now.vbe - Clean Up.vbe - Current Version.vbe - Delete On ReBoot.vbe - Folders.vbe - Get List.vbe - Ie Isinstalled Build Version To 0.vbe - Mixer.vbe - Run Box History.vbe - Run On Reboot.vbe - Show Hidden Files And Extentions.vbe - Temperature Converter.vbe - Timer.vbe -- 
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Sound Setup
Firetalk sound setup,a small easy to use program,for testing and setting audio properties settings for voice communication over the internet.Install is as simple as extracting to a folder and creating a shortcut for start menu or desktop.Uninstall just delete folder and shortcut.
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