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To Max's Pictures
Growing Up In Jasonville, Indiana
A parade in Jasonville that shows the Velvet Bottling Works building in the background, which contained the apartment that Max was born in, on March 31, 1937. This is located just to the west of where the post office stands today.
Armed with diaper and cowboy hat, sitting in front of Griffith's Electric, 333 West Main Street, Jasonville, beside where the post office stands today.
Max sitting in front of a Model A Ford
Not many know Max had a short career as a boxer. Or was it a career as a short boxer? I am told Jack Cantrell is the man in the background.
Velvet building from another view. Max is the child playing beside the building.
Max (center) with neices:
Sandra Guthrie (left) and Janice (Griffith) Steward (right)
Max (center) with twin nephews Johnny and Jimmy Trowbridge, sitting on the Griffith's Electric truck
Max standing in front of Griffith's Electric