Quizzes Galore!!!
New Spin on the quiz. I'm going to do quizzes on specific episodes. I'm going to start with the recently voted/tallyed Favotire Episodes!
Rebecca of Funny Folk Farm
99 Loses Control
and my personal favorite...
And Only Two Ninety-Nine
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First Place...
Second Place...
Some more of my personal Favorites...
Our Man in Leotards
Dr. Yes
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"All in the Mind"
This was a new idea that sorta didn't work, well here's my explanation.
1.) click the link
2.) It will ask for a valid e-mail address. To get to the quiz. Type mine: Agentx99@attbi.com
3.) Click "View and Take Your Quiz"
I promise this is the last time I'll do it this way.
"Apes of Wrath"
This one is also done in a new manner, but it is real easy (not the quiz per say, just easy to understand!)