1.) The first answer is pretty obvious, Max goofed. He pulled a switch on the plane that realeased the parcel, even though he overpowered the KAOS agents
2.) the chief arranged for a storm, the quotes I believe go:
CHief: We've arranged for a storm
Max: [double take] you arranged for a storm?
99: You know Max a storm, with thunder and lightning, and... [looks to chief] you've arranged for a storm chief?
3.) They were eating Hawk. The hawk happened to be Hester's husbands pet.Some more quotes:
Max: Ooh that smells good, whit is it? Pheasant?
Hester: No but it once killed a pheasant
Hesters Husband: And a cow
4.) They didn't eat the food or drink the wine, because when Max dropped the wine and they were talking under the table, Max told 99 while he was gone not to eat or drink anything. Then she wined, Why? (or something like that) then he picked up his handkerchief and there were holes in it.
5.) 99 was a dead ringer for Hester's sister. Hester's husband buried her himself.
6.) This was particularly inconvenient on account of the fact that Hester was always jealous of her sister.
7.) As usual the chief had to bail them out. If they waited for the butler to save them they'd die cause the butler killed Sebastian, Rebecca's crazed lover, that's been locked up in the attic.