1.) Max intends to take her to front row center, fourth balcony. To what is never revealed, could've been a ballet or opera...
2,) 99 met Victor on her Vacation last summer.
3.) Max is about to say Smart but sees the casino wheel decides better of it and says wheel instead of Smart
4.) Max saves Victor's life so he gets employed to be his bodygaurd.
5.)  As soon as Victor is called to the casino 99 says and I quote: "Max! WHat on earth are you doing here?
6.) 99 never told max that her name was Susan Hilton for two reasons. #1, her name isn't really Susan Hilton. #2, the answer to the question was.... ready? Corse ya are... He never asked!
7.) Victor and MAx settle thier differences by playing poker. Max suggested karate, and when two aces of spaides are revealed he says, "Either thats a peanuckle deck or one of us is cheating"
8.) The old bulletproof cumberbun in the tuxedo trick.
9.) When you pull the down the lever on the slot machine coins come out of the telephone, vice versa for the telephone