1.) the real 99 was going to spend the day with her mother.
2.) Max tripped over it coming up the stairs and got his arm stuck through it, he's not too crazy 'bout the way it fits
3.) 99 socked her in her right eye. I feel some quotes coming on:
99: I told her she'd have to shoot me before she'd get me to leave my children, and she promised she'd take perfect my children. But what about my husband? And she promised she'd take excellent care of my husband, and that's when I hit her.
Chief: That's interesting. Where'd you hit her?
99: In my right eye [confused look from the chief] In her right eye
4.) 99 herself (yes the real 99) told him he was getting heavy.
5.) This was a trick question, all of the reasons are right. Uh... I don't know if this is important but they don't like the beach... too much sand.
6.) 99 was issued control's new fingernail phone
7.) 99 protested to the chief telling Max to kiss the other woman, quotes:
99: what are you going to tell him?
Chief: I'm going to tell him to wake that other woman and kiss her.
99: That's a terrible idea
Chief: Why?
99: [Whining] What if she's better?
8.) Max realized on his own that that 99 was an imposter for several reasons, but the one listed and the correct answer is: 99 usually gives him a peck on the cheek and says good-bye, but this 99 put her arms around him kissed him full on the lips and wouldn't stop. The chief was lucky, he almost didn't make it to work. (To tell the truth he didn't really want to go to work after that)
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