"I can take no more, no longer." Max shouted raising his gun. Much to everyone's dismay he held the gun to his throbbing temple. "I must take my life in hopes that it makes things right."
99 stepped forward from the crowd, "Then so shall I. I will follow you to the end of the world and back, and whatever fate awaits us, on the other end of the gun." She drew her gun and put it to her steadily beating heart.
"No," he protested, "99, you mustn't who will take care of the twins?"
"Who will take care of me?"
"You will Marry again, and go on with your life. But you must live and be well."
"I could never love another, the way that I have loved you. You are my reason for living. Without you, life would be like death. I love you more than life itself and if heaven is the only place we can be together, so be it. But I will not leave your side." The chief rushed up and tried to pull 99 away, "No, let go of me, I must do this."
"Max do something." The chief commanded.
"If your mind is made up, that you will come with me," He dropped his gun, "I cannot take what is not mine."
The Drama That is Life...
No one man decides the fate of another...