1976 Mastercraft Boat & Trailer, needs some work, great ski boat! $2500.00
Freon 12 Refrigerant purchased a few years ago.  Refrigerant is virgin in factory sealed 14 oz cans.  $30.00 per 14oz can, to be used only in accordance with new regulations.  If shipped, must properly labeled and verify that it's not considered a  hazardous material.
This is a timer for sale  $25.00, about 45.00 at grainger.  New
Welding Rod Stainless Steel Electrodes still in factory hermetically sealed cans.  I have 3 cans of 1/16"; 1 can of 5/64, 9 cans of 3/32".  All cans are 308-16 SS AC-DC.  Lincoln Stainweld cans read E1111, conforms to AWS 5.4 E308-16 romts.  Lincoln electrode cans are 6lbs net, other cans are 5lbs net, each can.  
not sure if I still have this Intermatic T51211BC Two Circuit 7 day timing control center with spring-wound carry-over motor.  Contact rating 15 amp.  Clock motor 120Volts-60Hz.  I do not see any photo control.  I don't know it the photo control is an accessory or if it comes with the timer, but in any event, there is no photo control included.  Comes with 1 on, 1 off trippers.  Condition:  it looks brand new, no sign of the trippers ever being set.  When you attach the trippers, you can see a little dot on the paint.  Someone has removed one conduit knockout on the lower right side of the box.  
Miller Wire Welder Power Supply CP-300 excellent condition, guaranteed 3 phase $400.00
Alcor Aircraft EGT gage, looks new, like it's been in a box and never installed.  Don't have a new probe for it, however I'm including a used probe.  Will verify it works later.
Quantity 2

Pull Out Disconnect Switches

RainProof Type 3R Enclosure

60 Amp 240VAC Single Phase 2 wire

New, not in factory box, outside of metal boxes has some scratches

Flood Light

Use 100W Metal Halide M 90 Lamp

There is a new light bulb, still in the box, with the light

Condition:  New, no factory box

Furnas Cat No. 87GSJ6MC    3 phase pump control panel  Series "B"  parts on the inside have the following numbers:  

3 phase 100A Cat No ED63A100

ESP100 Solid State Overload Relay w/Phase Loss Circuit Protection Cat No. 48BSJ3M10

Condition:  New in factory box  shipping weight = 55 lbs


Across-The-Line AC Starter Allen Bradley Series "A"  Size 2

115V  3HP single phase or 3 phase

7.5 HP 240 VAC Single Phase

15 HP 230 VAC 3 Phase

No metal Enclosure

Condition:  New in a factory box, but the factory box is old and warn, There is some dust on the starter


Paragon Model 47016-OS  seven day 24 hour timer.  SPST  I don't have the screws for the day tripper.  They look like they are a 6-32 x about 1/2" long, but not sure.  Comes with one on, and one off tripper.  Clock motor is 120VAC 60Hz. Condition:  Used, but works.  Outside case has some scratches, evidence of exposure to the elements (slight rust on spots of the case) 1 conduit knockout on the bottom is removed.
Cutler Hammer Magnetic Starter part number A10DNO  Nema Size 2

Parts Pub A 10D-2

Coil is 120V  60 hz  2526-1

Condition:  Looks Used, I will guarantee it to work for 30 days or no charge, no metal enclosure

TORK DG 120 Digital Time Switch; Input 120VAC, 50/60Hz, 4VA Max.  Output: DPDT  Resistive 125/240VAC NO 15A, NC 10A Motor 2hp 240VAC including instruction sheet.  Condition:  looks like it has never been connected, but one bottom conduit knockout plug has been removed and there are two holes inside in the back of the can which makes it look like it was mounted to a wall, but never connected.
Kohler Bathroom Country Gray Commode was over $1000 new from Kohler.  This was removed from a model home.  The seat is brand new.  $700.00
Kohler Bathroom Country Gray Commode pictured with the lid up.  The reflection is from a ceiling light.  There are no scratches on the commode, the seat and lid are brand new.
Furnas Magnetic Starter P/N US-15  Size E,  3 Poles  Maximum Rating 7.5HP at 230VAC

Condition:  New in Factory Box, Box is warn

RC Pneumatic Timing Relay  Square D  A010E  Ser A  BW  86431  Class 9050  Series A  Coil is 120VAC 60Hz

Condition:  New in Factory box including instructions

Quantity:  4

Pressure Switch  "Pumptrol"  Square D  Class 9013  Type FRG  Maximum Pressure 300psi

Condition:  New in Factory Box, (factory boxes are warn)

Service Panel Box, no circuit breaker

The above two pictures are part of this circuit breaker panel


Quantity:  3?

1 case of 30, each case (green) AudioTape 7" reels cases have not been opened    1.5 mil Mylar   1200 feet x 1/4"   All are still individually sealed in the factory plastic.  Type 1277LN  Formula 15 Low Noise Standard Recording Tape   Condition: The case containing 30 has never been opened. The case, however, does look like itís been around a while
about 275 reel to reel magnetic recording tapes on  7" reels.  I can sell the whole lot or any number you want.

These tapes are in good condition, they have been used for my personal music collections of 60's type music and most will need to be erased with a bulk eraser before recording.  Most of my recording and playing was done on a Crown International Tape Deck, so the quality of the tapes is maintained very well. Some lengths are 1200 feet 1.5 mil tape, and some are 1800 feet 1 mill tape. For the most part they are 3m scotch tape, but the brand of tape will vary per lot sold, and many come in a plain white box.