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Border patrol sent to Iraq for OJT

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If you look closely at the evidence some very impeachable facts come back to light!

Bush had met with 18 Saudi dignitairies over 27 times in the White House and at his ranch prior to the 9/11event, 16 of the terrorists involved with 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia? To get into Iraq we had to go to Great Britain to get defective intelligence reports claiming aluminum tent poles could be used to build a nuclear reactor? The british agent responsible for the sexed up report later committed suicide. Six reports of no WMDz in Iraq made by US intelligence sources were rejected. Valory Plume was exposed because her husband spoke up against the Bushitsa regimes manipulation of what were once facts. Greeks supply the US with olive oil so did Afghanistan until the olive groves were bombed, two of the terrorists involved with 9/11 were from Greece? Afghanistan is overrun with drug traffickers again so we might have to go back and do some touch up bombing in case we missed a few spots? The Anthrax spread after 9/11 had a lab signature embedded in it and the CDC found it matched a not for use sample kept at a CIA lab inTexas. Congress is never going to be able to fix what ails America while they continue to ignore the mistakes that were intentionally made by the Bushitsa regime it is just that simple. Nobody wants Cheney but they will have to put their foot down on this presidential powers trip one presidential type person in particular is on.

Instead of falling for every trick in the book if congress doesn't step up to the plate now it will have fallen into another waylay of the corporatocracy ruining our government. This one it may be considerably harder to get out of since we have not recognized that we are living in a failed democracy. Spending more money and energy we don't have to defend Iraq's borders better than our own is just the first billboard we have not noticed. The one thing that should be brought up to congress's attention is that we fought Viet Nam with about 22% of the budget and a maximum of 32% shortly afterward and it caused economic catastrophes all across the board. Increases were ratified due to the defense departments being a technology driven INDUSTRY that needed to rebuild. Since the bursting of the techno stock bubble a computer that would cost $1,800.oo can now be had for about $485.oo. Yet we allow the corporations of America to salt away pork barrel funding as if there were no tomorrow to be concerned about! We need to have the defense budget that is still technology driven adjusted appropriately (13.5%) to realistically around 30% like right now before unreal inflation causes us to start shelling out defense contracts to China. A reality check or a roll back to reality adjustment? At about 54% of the budget currently spent on military if we don't expect problems now we could be in for some sticker shock after the Bush insurgency is repelled.

We have to stay involved in Iraq because the American insurgency still has three more bases to get ready in the places we really need them to defend American oil interests. After the six �for show� ones built that we could slide out of as soon as the Mahdi army is reinstated. Disbanding the Iraqi military with its weapons when 60% of the people were employed there created the Mahdi army. There are no valid jobs in Iraq that Euro Americans don't already have. This is the direct cause of the 60% unemployment rate in Iraq and the main point and cause of the ongoing terrorism in Iraq some of which is sponsored by Euro American concerns. So instead of waiting for the other shoe to drop in Iran wake up and put them both back on.
Iraqi people are defecting to any cause that will put food on the table.
If that includes killing the neighbors so be it. On paper the Muslim clerics in Iraq are sitting on a thirteen trillion dollar bankroll. If left alone they would not fall they would simply need to open up the coffers of what was an untaxed nation. The Faith Based Initiative nation of Iraq was supported entirely by religion and a completely corrupt dictatorship. This is prior to America inserting to the hilt a corporatocracy that is a mock democracy or corruptocracy. We need a Shi-ite leader (puppet) to sanction the building of the three remaining bases we might actually need to be able to sustain undisrupted oil flow at fairer prices. This will prevent the possibility of a north south Korea or kurdistan type of situation that would be completely unmanageable. But then at what cost is fair for the at best remaining twenty year life span of crude and thirty-five years of natural gas before we start mining oil soaked mud or shale and thermal resources. $480+ billion and skyrocketing?
As things stand now the people of Iraq feel just as left out by the current government as we do here at home in America. Bush is not the eagle protecting the globe he is just another pigeon crapping on a statue of the world we just happen to inhabit, unfortunately for US. If we did want to help ourselves we would ban the futures market trading on foreign energy source speculations. Any energy stock should be as stable as the utilities stock market that already has an eye toward energy conservation and renewables paid for at flat rates. That is of course unless you really enjoy feeding on pigeon droppings. The food for oil program would probably work now under the mock democracy in Iraq if Bush weren't so insistent that they will learn to live with a poke in the eye with a sharp stick in trade for THEIR oil and like it.

We are on a path of domination, markets peoples and all other resources this is winning as defined by the president. Now everyone wants to paint the bullseye on the devil or the antichrist depending on where you live it could very well be Bush but if you live in Europe or Great Britain you would probably opt for Blare as money is the root and they are financing this debacle. Since taxing Americans to repay loans for an illegal invasion sponsored by a small tribe of war criminals would condemn the already unpopular we are doing a paygo system Britain is being repaid as we go pay at the pumps and that is how it works. At the current rate of growth of both population and industrialization experts estimate we have between twelve and sixteen years of even thicker crude oil at even higher prices or long before we can comfortably convert to renewable sources of energy. So perhaps you think it is wise to pick a horse and ride it? These enemies of the people are the weapons of the corporations. Survivalist instincts will tell you to get on a horse but so ok would you rather be a survivor in hell or a rebel against the antichrist-ian systems at play here urge government officials to come back to reality. If people are converting to terrorism because they have nothing to eat military inSURGEncies will only antagonize further acts of terrorism. By our invasion we paint the terrorists with money that help Iraq as the good guys and that leaves us holding the bag for the bad guy slot. Food for oil or peacemaking is far cheaper and more sustainable than trying to be a member of the Bushitsa regime that supports only two types of people the haves and the have mores.
If YOU can't possibly empathize with the people of Iraq under the Bush policy of go ahead and kill your neighbor go ahead and kill a friend then I will remind you that just as the detainees are considered future subjects of the Bushitsa regimes global domination policy YOU already are.

I don't really care if you are religious or not this analogy fits the circumstances and I am very well aware of its origins.

These are the same weapons or methods used for population control

and what people in the intelligence business call resource management

Anthrax/H5N1, HIV/AIDS, are just variations of the very same theme

Horse Horse Represents Rider Power Rider Represents
White Death Carries a bow Conquest Conquest (in general), the antichrist, the word of God, or Christ's second coming.
Red Slaughter Carries a sword War War, or Persecution
Black Desolation, Carries scales Scorched Earth Famine and Plague Injustice to the poor, Scarcity of resources
Pale Pestilence Followed by Hades Decay Death
(i.e, the killings by sword, famine, plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth that result from the other three riders)
Consult your local Corruption In America (CIA) representative if you think there are any tactics that have been overlooked that you would like to see included in the resource management manual.

You can't call them war criminals without a trial.
Oh yes I CAN in the face of overwhelming evidence I can call a spade a spade unlike Bush who can detain anybody he likes on a whim for an indefinite period of time in an undisclosed location which just so happens to be exactly where his office should be.
Condi testified at the 9/11 investigation hearings that she had read the security reports in there entirety including the footnotes. This means she was aware and had complete knowledge of a suspected ten planes being hijacked and used as weapons. The CIA and FBI had been working hand in hand like two lesbian schoolgirls and had thirty-two including the eighteen some say nineteen terrorists involved under 24/7 surveillance. Now someone with more authority than Condi (who was the national security director at the time) told the CIA and the FBI to stand down on this matter twenty-four and some say forty-eight hours in advance of the 9/11 event. They were not allowed in to clean up flight simulator and other training information including sponsors of the training until after 9/11 and all planes were grounded successfully in case any of the other suspected ten airplanes were hijacked. Condis testimony was that she knew for a fact that Bush was not aware of the scheduled 9/11 event. He, Bush doesn't read anything he has an excellent memory and reading glasses for photo ops but is dependent on word of mouth information because he is dyslexic. Bush was having a teacher read the goat story to him and the class unlike the other version of this that was put out to the public. Bush has an A one, 55 IQ he is very proud of considering his accomplishments that some might call deceptions. But now Condi was never punished for her part in the cover-up of such critical information because no evidence could be obtained due to national security reasons. How very darn convenient to not be forced to present the evidence of just exactly who all is responsible for 9/11 and then to be allowed to hit the jackpot on the overstuffed defense budget cashbox. So was Condi fired for not telling Bush about the planned hijackings no she was rewarded by being given the secretary of state appointment at that cute little kissy face hugabunny Bush's earliest convenience.
Rummy implemented the prisoner abuse policy along with the indefinite period of time in an undisclosed location rendition of policy that is still the most whacked interpretation.... Anyway Rummy can't be prosecuted because there is no chain of command other than twinkle toes over him and there is no established procedure other than to declare it as treason by congress. Here is the thing if your soldiers commit a crime you or in this case it's Rummy who authorized torture now a politically responsible secretary of defense or even a corporal or sergeant stands up for his troops and takes as much of the heat as he or she is responsible for. He left two soldiers behind enemy lines without a paddle to dangle in the breeze on a bridge burnt to a crisp for all he cares.
Bush cut the pay for national guard soldiers that had real jobs in real life and can't survive on the piddly squat the military pays. So tell me how much respect he has for the dead and wounded he won't allow to be photographed. He can't allow it because there is no justification for an unjust war. Bush knew in advance there were no WMD'z in Iraq or we would have had the receipts to show for them. It has taken us two hundred years to finally get a Butthead in office and then we can't kick him out because nobody likes Beavus either. Endangering troops without just cause is treason folks grow up get some gumption call a spade a spade before we invade Iran.The patriot act if not for the Bush allowed 9/11 incident would have gotten the drafter of the bill and anyone who signed it hung for treason at any other time in history. But since we are so lame and limp dicked anymore who cares we will sit and watch as they lead our rights to slaughter as long as it's for our own good. The patriot act makes Watergate legal! God man wake up and die right! Its not like I even hate the Butthead I just don't think the whitehouse is the kind of place Beavus and Butthead should be fooling around in.

Unamerican Activities Commission or commitment? UAC Vs. DHS and the Bushitsa regime tickets on sale now for this killer event they can be purchased from your local congressmen just ask him for some.

There was a time when you could be blacklisted from working in your own given profession and were forced into menial labor for even sympathizing with communist groups. Using the same standards they had then this places the DHS or Homeland Security Staff on the same quality level as the SchutzStaffel Schutz, defense + Staffel, echelon. Terrorist has come to mean the same thing as communist used to but has absorbed the chief elements of communism that eventually caused its collapse as a social system of government. Bigger businesses have led to bigger big brother systems for one thing. Currently they aren't protecting your rights they are using terrorist or communist tactics to hide the fact that they are disintegrating your rights. A child allowed to write and sign his own permission slips and excuses would tend to eventually become a super social degenerate. Our president has written and signed his own permissions and excuses more than three hundred times so far.

The patriots that repopulated America came here to get away from the things the patriot act brings back to haunt us. It laughs at all the people that died in the revolution civil war the world wars and simply tears down the good things America ever stood for. The patriot act shows just how much disrespect the Bushitsa regime has for American values and makes the war in Iraq and the soldiers his personal sign of contempt for American freedom. It is much the same as insisting that you turn gay to prove it is ok to have gay friends or turning communist as a token of comradeship. In the information age with technology based warfare electronic warfare is a silent but deadly killer Bush has unleashed in America. The more people that are given access to your personal information the more likely you are to become a candidate for identity theft.