Hotel  - Max Prestige - Budva Montenegro

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At the end of my last business-travel in Montenegro I stay for some days in Budva. The weather was fine and very warm for the early summer. I decided to stay some days at one of the first address in Budva, the Hotel Max Prestige.

This hotel(4/5 stars) was opened in 2005 and looks very beautiful from outside. The hotel is situated at a bypass road with much traffic, so I decided to take a room on the
backside of the hotel. The room was well equipped and had a nice balcony.

I am used on my traveling in the south to open the door of the balcony and spend much time on him, but this was not possible at Hotel Max Prestige.

On the backside of the hotel are two electrical aggregates which produce such kind of noise that you I could not spend much time on my balcony, phonecall or conversation was not possible.

You can see the two aggregates on my picture with the red circle. The aggregate on top of the hotel was running 24 hours without interrupt. The second on the ground was also running 24 hours with small interruption, in the rhythm like 20 sec running then 30 sec pause and then again the whole day and night.

At the reception I was complaining about this extrem noise pollution and the answer was that this noise is normal and they can not stop it, because the aggregates are used for the air condition. Also other guests in the hotel were not delighted about this noise and do their complaining.

Also I cannot imagine that the residents of the hotel are 
delighted about noise pollution. The people in then neighborhood of then hotel must live the hole year with the noise.  On my picture you can recognize that the people are living in about 5 meter distance to the aggregate on the ground.

I cannot believe that in the year 2006 it should not be possible on a technical scale to make a good noise protection and on the other hand I cannot imagine that there are no rules for noise control in Crna Gora.

I think that when you have enough money, like the hotel owner, then perhaps you can make your own rules ?

The hotel has a value of serveral millions of euro, but why they do not make a investment in good noise reduction ?

My recommendation:
If you need horrible noise then you must book this hotel if not then you should book one of the other 4/5 star hotels in Budva which produce no noise.

I will never book it again.

This only a tempory side, in the next weeks I will open a information portal on which travellers can post their experience with the tourism in Cerna Gora.

I love this country and I do not want that some ruthless businessmen destroy the beauty of Crna Gora.