Squadron Code of Conduct
A little bit of background to MAX Squadron                                                        

MAX Squadron was formed in November 2001 by MAX_Brutal and MAX_Chase. They had one simple objective. To find and congreate some of the best pilots from across the World of CFS to fly competitively at the highest level together in th 'The Zone"

Most of the pilots within MAX_Squadron have thousands of hours of 'Stick Time' therefore the skill they show in the air are admired by most but sadly questioned by others. MAX is fiercely proud of the name and reputation it has gained since it's inception in 2001. All MAX pilots are fully vettet, often over period of weeks before beeing offered a position in the Squadron to ensure that they 'fit the bill' We all share the same morals, we have similar attitudes to flying and game play. We want to play fair- and play against those who wamt to play fair. 

As we have repeated on several occasion, MAX do not and will not fly MODIFIED AIRCRAFTS in any way. Our ability to hit you when you least expect it, to stay airborne when you think you have shot us down and our 'team style' and 'wingman style' of play we adopt has been created through countless hours of flying. As we fly so closely, we will , on occasion, either hit our own team mate with ammo or collide with our own team mate. Although we do our best to advoid this it will always occur. If a MAX pilot is hit by his own man he WILL usually stay in the air to fight on. Most MAX pilots will only go down when they are out of ammo, or simply can't stay airborne any more. 

Our Squadron differs in many ways from others on the Zone. One of the main differences is maturity through age. We have no teenagers in the Squad - no one is out to prove anything and we have no ego problems. We play fair, we play for fun, we always aim to compete at the highest level.

To ensure that we keep the good name that we have earned in the Zone MAX SQuadron adopt a simple and manageable Cod Of Conduct.
MAX Squadron would ask that all squadron pilots follow the same rules .
1: Always respect the wishes of the host of the game in which you are playing

2: The use of MODS or CHEATS will not be tolerated when flying with your MAX name on.

3: The use of 'unfair' tactics is not acceptable, i.e intentionally crashing when beeing persued, landing when hurt etc.

4: Never openly accuse anyone of cheating. If you think someone may be using a modified guns etc, simply leave the game room or eject the offending pilot from the room if you are the host.

5: When flying using the MAX name please conduct yourself accordingly. Aim to demonstrate respect to all others who fly in the zone. Always aim and uphold the good name of MAX Squadron.

If, at any time you feel that someone in MAX Squadron has failed to adopt our COC policy, then please feel free to email your complaint to us by clicking on the link to email and we will investigate the situation throughly. TY

Current complaints againts MAX_Squadron  -  0