Date: 03-08-92
Venue:  ????  Berkeley, CA
Time:  75 minutes
Generation:  ?


Hung Bunny

Roman Dog Bird

Night Goat

The Ballad Of Dwight Fry

Oven/ Wispy Medley

Heater Moves And Eyes

If I Had An Exorcism

Kool Legged

Boris (Intro)

(????) A Blue Cheer Song

She (KISS)

Creepy Smell

With Teeth

Revulsion/ We Reach

Your Blessened

My Rating:  A

Great quality and well-shot.  Steady tripod in the dead center of the venue. Some GREAT close-ups of Buzz.  Joe Preston is on bass, wearing a big black hat made of leather, and looking stoned as usual. The only quality problem with this video is the overall blue tint and a small (unnoticeable after 1 minute) red stripe about 3/4 the way up the screen.  Other than that, great picture quality and terrific sound.

Set-wise this show is second to none. Night Goat is really early and very experimental, lacking some structural acuteness present in slightly later versions.  Oven is terrific, changing to Wispy in the middle and going right back into Oven as the closure to the Medley.  Just a great powerful set as a whole, packed with tons of energy and lots of punch.  Song structures are completely morphed throughout, making some stuff unrecognizable.  Special thanks to Nick Fanzo for assistence in the setlist creation (never would have known the KISS and Blue Cheer songs...). 

Great show, I highly recommend it.  Kept me bouncin'!