Date:  04-06-95
Venue:  "Cellophane Square Records"  Seattle,WA
Time:  27 minutes
Generation: ?




With Teeth

Goose Freight Train

Nasty Dogs Funky Kings (cover song)


Snake Appeal

My Rating:  A-

There are a couple of glitches in the recording, but the picture is low-gen and though some of the sound is distorted (Melvins are loud), the video overall is very nice and enjoyable to watch.  It's shot from Buzzo's (stage right) side, and we get a clear shot of all three members.  Dale is playing a drumset with clear shells (which do not sound very good).  We get good shots of the people sitting outside.  The whole place was packed, and once the taper zooms in on the people outside the store looking in. One guy looks just totally amazed-- very cool.  Before they play the cover song, someone yells "Thanks to the Devil!".  Buzz replies "Sympathy for the Devil?".  The man retorts "Thank the devil!".  Buzz replies... "That's Lexicon Devil!!!  Cool... talking about the song they would eventually cover for the Singles 1-12 series.  At the end, a woman can be heard asking the taper for a copy of the show.  Very very cool show.  Low-gen, excellent shot, close, good quality sound, and a RIPPED setlist.  With Teeth after Hooch is VERY cool to hear... great bridge.  Shevil to Snake Appeal is pretty interesting as well.  This is a great great  show!