Date:  06-13-95
Venue:  "Electric Lounge"  Austin, TX
Time:  65 minutes
Gen.:  2nd



Sweet Willy Rollbar


Night Goat

Hooch (Intro)


At The Stake



Joan of Arc


Goose Freight Train

Easy As It Was


With Teeth


Andy Griffith Theme (end of Roadbull whistle...)


My Rating:  B+

The picture is obviously very clear as far as the images are concerned, but my copy has a bunch of red lines across the video tape the entire time.  This is a fine example of how NOT to tape a show.  The guy has a great position in the back and moves up to the front-right only to be blocked by speakers.  Then he decides to get ballsy and actually goes BEHIND the speakers to get a backstage look at Buzz and Dale.  Finally, he moves back to his ORIGINAL spot somwhere towards the end of Night Goat.  The color begins to go out at the end, and we see Melvins between color lines and black and white.  Other than that, a well-shot and powerful show.  During Goose Freight Train, Dale starts to talk about how they just shot a bunch of heroin in the back.  Easy As It Was is the obvious highlight of this show.  Dale sounds AMAZING.  This show is great.  Small venue, intimate and passionate crowd, and a very very tight and energetic setlist combine to make one hell of a Melvins performance.  With Teeth cuts at the beginning, and Road Bull cuts in about 2/3 of the way through.