Date:  06-19-99
Venue:  "Cactus Club"  San Jose, CA
Time:  60 minutes
Gen:  1st generation



See How Pretty, See How Smart



Let It All Be

Let God Be Your Gardener

Hog Leg

With Teeth

The Bit

The Bloat

Youth Of America

Lovely Butterfly

My Rating:  B

Great show and a really nice clear shot from right under Kevin.  The taper focused mostly on Buzz and Dale, and gets an amazing angle, encompassing both into the same shot.  The sound is typical of a Melvins show (heavy distortion), but is better than some.  My copy looks great, as I got it directly from the taper himself.  The show cuts after Lovely Butterfly (the master is incomplete).  Buzz's guitar goes out during With Teeth, and Kevin and Dale do 3/4 of the song solo, which sounds very cool.  I highly recommend this show.  Buzz is more energetic than I've ever seen him.  Dale climbs on top of his drums at the beginning.  Awesome show, wish I was there...