Date:  08/01/90
Venue:  ????  New Orleans
Time:  54 minutes
Gen.:  ????
Source:  PRI-Shot Video


Eye Flys

Jam (????)


Heater Moves and Eyes

At A Crawl

Steve Instant Newman

Jam? (Sounds like a cover of something...)

Jam? (Sounds like a cover of something... yes, there are 2 in a row)

Creepy Smell


Happy Grey Or Black





Revulsion/ We Reach

Raise A Paw

My Rating:  B-

The picture is pretty generated, and the shot is a little distant and dark.  This video is definately one to reserve for mega-fans of this tour.  When the camera zooms in, though it is a blurry shot due to generation, the taper gets some nice shots of Buzz bangin' his head around.  Zodiac's slower/ heavier section is especially nice for this show.  Buzz shows tons of energy during this performance.  Great show but below standard quality-wise.  The energy is there, I just wish I could find a lower gen copy.  Recommended if you can take it...