Date:  08-17-99
Venue:  "Numbers"  Houston, TX
Time:  83 minutes
Generation:  2nd


Intro/ Skweetis


See How Pretty, See How Smart



Let It All Be

Let God Be Your Gardener

Hog Leg

With Teeth

The Bit

The Bloat

Youth Of America

Jew Boy Flower Head

Eye Flys

My Grade:  A-

Shot is not quite as distant as the two nights following this show, but is definately still a little bit far.  Buzz seems more into this show than the next two nights.  Manky is really nice-- Buzz gets into it and is jumping around.  The show is very energetic.  Tons of people get up on stage during AMAZON and the security guard pulls them offstage to the back.  Buzz talks about how he went to High School with everyone in the audience, talking about how he is going to be a brain surgeon.  He talks about playing at a bus stop for money, and then people start to throw money at the band.  They fight over it.  This show kicks ass...