Date:  08-18-99
Venue:  "The White Rabbit"  San Antonio, TX
Time:  92 minutes
Generation:  2nd


Intro/ Sweetis

See How Pretty, See How Smart (jam w/ lyrics)


See How Pretty, See How Smart



Let It All Be

Let God Be Your Gardener

Hog Leg

With Teeth

The Bit

The Bloat

Youth of America

Jew Boy Flower Head

Eye Flys

My Rating:  A-

The sound quality on this video is pretty nice.  The video itself shows very few signs of generation wear.  However, the shot is at the very back of the venue, and there is some blue light inhibiting the viewer from seeing the stage with much clarity.  The result:  you can't see the Melvins well in this shot, and the shot itself is pretty far-back... but at least it's centered.  Not bad.  Musically, this show is second to none.  The band's really on.  Buzz plays a cool distortion "solo" after Manky.  Really great show.  The Bit sounds really good on this day, played with a VERY extended intro.  The Bloat has some feedback throughout (high and squeeky).  Buzz's vocals are pretty audible, and the mic does not overfeed much.  He calls San Antonio the greatest city in the world (just like Austin from the previous night).  His whole chat is hillarious.  Definately recommended.  Kevin Rutmanis is funny as hell to watch on stage.