Date:  08-19-99
Venue:  "Emo's" Austin, TX
Time:  81 minutes
Gen.:  1st generation!
Source: PRI-Shot video




See How Pretty, See How Smart



Let It All Be

Let God Be Your Gardener

Hog Leg


The Bit

The Bloat

Youth of America

Jew Boy Flower Head

Eye Flys

My Rating: A

Great quality picture, and I'm glad I have a low-gen copy, becuase the camera does not move... it's a nice steady tripod-shot show from the back of the venue.  The sound gets distorted (don't all Melvins shows have distorted sound???-- they're just too loud to bootleg!).  The other problem with this show is that Buzz's side of the stage is kept dark the entire time, so all we can see is his profile.  Buzz goes off during AMAZON.  Awesome vocals on Jew Boy Flower Head.  In JBFH, Kevin's base goes out and Buzz sings with just Dale.  Buzz talks to the crowd, asking them for $50 and talking about how Austin is the greatest city in the world.  He also mentions that Kevin is a gimp. This show is VERY recommended... rips shit up...