Date:  09-13-97
Venue:  ???? St. Louis, Missouri
Time:  30 minutes
Gen.: ?




June Bug

Sky Pup

I Like Porn

Interstellar Overdrive


It's Shoved

With Teeth

Mombius Hibatchi

My Rating:  A-

Good shot.  Right next to Buzz.  We get a great view of his playing and Dale's drumming.  Dave uses a VERY small jazz kit (compared to his normal one anyway), which is absolutely hillarious to watch.  Mark takes over on guitar for June Bug, Sky Pup, and I Like Porn.  Buzz goes to bass.  Perhaps the coolest part of this video is that Dale sings the entire show.  Interstellar is very nice.  Taper does a nice job.  Another videotaper at the other side of the stage (next to Mark) can be seen.  Very cool little show.