Date:  11-11-89
Venue:  "V.C. Coffee House"  Davis, CA
Time: 40 mins
Generation:  ??


Steve Instant Newman

Going Blind


Eye Flys

Heater Moves And Eyes

At A Crawl

Your Blessened

Raise A Paw

Cranky Messiah

My Rating:  B-

Sound is not bad at all and the shot is really nice-- a little unstable at times-- but it's right in front of Lori pointing at Buzz-- a very nice angle for viewing Buzz's style.  The picture is very generated.  If I had to guess I'd say this is somewhere around a 5th generation.  Still watchable by all means, just generated.  Going Blind is fucking KILLER.  Buzz's guitars go out during this song and he gets visibly frustrated.  Eye Flys is nice and fast, and Buzz introduces it as his favorite song off of the first album (Gluey Porch Treatments).