Bill fishing in the surf.  He's the one on your left

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getting ready to go snorkeling
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Dec. 12, 2000 rainbow
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and, they're serious about it
Here is the speed limit sign at our town limits.
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down the stretch
Here's a picture I took of a famous race.
You might have read about it.

This was taken in the nature reserve behind my house. The Gopher Tortoise is a threatened or endangered species. The rabbit is not endangered, but I have threatened them a time or two.
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Shuttle STS98, Feb. 7, 2001
Thanks to Michael Brown and Florida Today for this picture
Space shuttle Discovery, returning to Cape Canaveral on top of a Boeing 747,
with a bald eagle in foreground.
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Signs and Headlines

I was really looking forward to seeing how this worked.
What a mess! It didn't even unzip.

This is a sign in Mobile that I passed every time I drove to New Orleans.
Rather than get in trouble with the local law enforcement, I always stopped and called.
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all aboard
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it's a tough life
Kay and Maxxi taking a nap by the pool.

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Maxxi updated her page on Dec. 15, 2000


Our grandchildren.
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