The Falls at Arcadia

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Welcome to the Falls. Here we believe that cleanliness is next to godliness. This site has been declared shipper & no-romo safe.
E-mail me, if you have any suggestions on this site. Updated 11/2/99. There is a whole new Comic Series were the fanfic was
A big thanx to Hannah who supplied me w/pics&wavs!

Comic Series

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"Sweetheart, did you use the dolphin safe tuna." -Win Shroeder

"Dolphin safe all the way, honey." -Cammy Shroeder

"We always use the dolphin safe." -Win Shroeder

"Yeah, ya gotta love those dolphins, although their pretty tasty too." -Mulder
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I have a banners for my page, thanx to the pro help of Kate (who has her own banner service)! I also made one or two of my own! You can find them on my links page. E-mail me if you want to link to my site, and we can swap banners, or URL's!

Graphics courtesy of Kelly Phillips.

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