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Sunny FM Launches Website

Sunny 88.7fm, an Accra-based Radio Station in Ghana has launched its magazine website.
   What Does the Bible Say About:
   ::  Homosexuality
   ::  Abortion
   ::  Humility
        25 Scriptural Reasons Not To Give Up

24hr Worship held in Accra.
Six pm on 24th to 6:00pm on 25th June was the period of spirit-filled worship of the saints of God.

  The Names and Titles of Jesus Christ
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Battle Brews over Gay-oriented School
Library Books
Congress is getting involved in an effort to ban books from school libraries that promote the gay agenda.
The Bible on the Front Lines in Iraq  Roadside bombs, suicide bombers, and mortar attacks can’t hold back the spread of God’s Word.
Mozambique’s Spiritual Awakening For nearly a generation, disasters and destruction scarred the nation of Mozambique. But a recent spiritual renewal shows signs of change in her character.
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    music ministry in subsequent updates.
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