The mini van that Became Junk.
The Junk that became a SPL Competitor.
The Competitor that defied all odds.

In 2001 I entered The Ga. Motor Fest. I got 2nd place !!!!!!!!!!!!!  And changes were just around the corner. First of all - I could not keep a windshield in - the stereo system shattered 3 factory windshields - so this had to be replaced with plexiglass. Then to be competetive in the advanced class - my luxurious interior had to come out. Only to be replaced with MDF and steel. I went from a cruisin' phat ride to a MEAN sound machine.
So next we headed to the IASCA Wolrd Finals. Although we were having some technical troubles I still placed 3rd. I wasn't totally satisfied, but was happy to to place higher than those that I competed against at the regionals. Sadly to say though, illness struct Cinda hard once again and it was almost a year before I got to compete again. But, this time out Greg & Cinda had made a few more changes to me and I moved up to the Ultimate class. And we headed for NOPI Nationals. Boy was that trip fun. I got the attention of the all time Great "Alma Gates". And Greg Davis & Jeremy Brown of Kicker - Stillwater Designs even spent some time with me. The competition was fierce, but I managed to take the win - posting a 172.9. And if anyone is wondering ...........there is still some left in me. So look for me at a show near you. Stop by and take a peek at me, chat with my owners ( 'cause they love talking about me !!!!!), cheer me on and take as many pictures as you would like.
In the beginning, many , many years agos. I was a wonderful little mini van that my owners loved. I took them on vacations, I took them to school, to work, and to the ball games.
As time went by I began to get neglected and eventually passed on to several other people. When Cinda found me I was virtually headed to the crushers. My once beautiful paint job had faded to a poopy tan color. My passenger side had been caved in by something really huge !!!! My interior was jagged, worn out and the carpet had been eaten up with what I think was battery acid. I could only sputter and putt for my engine was worn out.
Cinda & Greg gave me a tune up and she began to use me for a work van. I hauled what she & others called Antiques !!!! As for me I'm just not really sure though. 'Cause some of these items looked to be in worse shape than me, but supposedly was worth alot of "jack". In time though Cinda became very sick, she closed down her wonderful little shop, but managed to talk Greg into giving me alot of body work, a new paint job and new interior.
Well....... needless to say Greg went all out. He had me painted PURPLE. Completely redone my interior - new carpet and all. Boy was I pretty. Then he put in a stereo system. I went from a grocery getter to a booming ride.  But that still was not enough for Greg. He took out my motor and transmission and blessed me with a 302 SVO, & a 5 speed with a mustang running gear.(Something the Ford company said had never been done) He also gifted me with 17x8 Selbacks & 205/40 Toyo tires. Now let me tell you - I was cruisin' in style ! I turned alot of heads - young & old, corvettes, camaros, mustangs and many more. With my motor I could count them off, and with the stereo - I could boom with the best.
After a few years, Greg entered me into Fall Brawl 2000 - I took 1st place in SPL, 1st place in the van/suv Category, Best Paint, Best engine & Best Interior.
Here are some photos of my transformation.
In the beginning there was fun & laughter.
This is me when I was just Junk !
The nights got late !!
The crowd dwindled.
And the blood, sweat
& tears came.
Then came the prayers !!!!!