Maxkorp Management LLC is a management company sponsored by independent urban record label Final Fantasy Recordings. The type of artist we have now is Hip/Hop and R&B based artist. The Website feature Artist/producer DJ SLeepy Hollow. There are other Member of Final Fantasy Recording Maximus, Jay Truitt, Young Gene, L-Dot and G.M.C.

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Enter the Fantasy By: Benjamin Blessman and Benjamin Boyce A movement is an organized action by people working toward a goal. If you’ve been paying attention to the Detroit hip-hop scene this year, you’ll agree that one group has continued to make a name for themselves and stand out amongst the sea of artists staking claim to a piece of the musical pie that is the Detroit hip-hop community: Final Fantasy Recordings. The Fantasy’s been tearing through mics all throughout the local Detroit scene, entertaining crowds in hip-hop staples the Bullfrog, Magic Stick, Club Rain, Toya’s Spot, Catillion Club, Factory, Twisters, and New Way Bar. The show stopping group has gone toe to toe with Detroit’s hip-hop elite, shredding beats together with the likes of Team Truly, Chief, Lazarus, Quest McCody, Purple Gang, Supa MC and The Raw Collection. Final Fantasy always packs a show, with a cult following of supporters and fans challenging that of more established artists. They are quickly making a name for themselves as some of the liveliest performers repping the 313. Final Fantasy Recordings is not just a label or group, but a sonic movement attempting to bring a diverse array of new talent, style, and creativity to the forefront of the local hip-hop scene. Final Fantasy Recordings is the brain child of founding members DJ Sleepy Hollow and L-Dot the General. Double F consists of the aforementioned DJ Sleepy Hollow, C.E.O. of the label, and his cabinet members, Maximus, President of Final Fantasy, L-Dot the general, Young Gene, and Jay Truitt, the struggle man. The label has a plethora of talent representing rap, hip/hop and r&b, including G.M.C. (the D-Boyz), James Tait, Bad News, and Jestaul. Besides being dope emcees, Final Fantasy is also home to one of the dopest up and coming producer/engineers, DJ Sleepy Hollow himself who’s production credits include Big Herk, Cash Cola, Lazarus, D Boyz, Boot Leg, Dayton Family, and Supa (from Squad Up) among others. Final Fantasy is steadily making bigger and bigger waves in the hip-hop community, engaging in everything from appearances on Rapfiles TV, DetroitRap TV, and Home Grown in Detroit, to interviews on WHFR, “The Zone,” radio, to feature in the Mixtape Report of the Promoter Magazine. Their current mixtape, The Murda Mitten Mixtape Vol. 1: Better Than Radio, is hitting the streets hard right now. Recently, they’ve finished up work on Volume 2, entitled The Time is Now, and recently began shooting a video for the hot joint “Throw your 7’s up,” and the streets are eagerly awaiting what the Fantasy has in store for the future. With a growing buzz and continued presence in the local hip-hop scene, Final Fantasy seems poised and ready to take their rightful place amongst Detroit’s hip-hop elite. With a fresh sound and impressive roster of talent, the proverbial words of L-Dot the General say it best: “The whole industry will have to step there game up.”

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Check Out Final Fantasy new Video!!! 7MIle Anthem "Throw Ya 7's UP" Made and Sponsidered by DJ Sleepy Hollow and Featuring Get Money CrU (GMC)

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