This page is dedicate to the Great Spirit and our Brothers in the spiritual realm May their wisdom benifit us all.
To understand the Wisdom of the Native American is to understand Nature Herself over time we will post items that you can do or create or build to help bring the wisdom of the tribes into your life. So check back often to see what new wisdom that comes out of the Medicine Wheel.
What you need : a quite space, if desired, notebook and pen or tape recorder

Estimated time: Ten minutes at first, five when you  have done this visualization a few times.

1) Sit comfortably in a chair, or on the floor, or lie down. Take a few really deep breaths, allowing your breath to go through as much of your body as it can.

2) Close your eyes. Relax the jaw and stomach.

3) Be aware of the Earth beneath you, even if your are on the 15th floor of a skyscraper. Feel your energy connected, just listen.

4) When you are relaxe and feel connected, just listen

5) Do you hear something? Faintly at first then louder you will hear the beat that sounds like a drum.

6) What is it? Listen closer. Tum, Tum,Tum,Tum. The drumbeat you hear first is the beat of your own heart. Listen Longer.

7) Tum...Tum...Tum...Tum ... goes a slower drumbeat. you feel your heart slow to beat with this new music and you feel yourself deeply relaxed, deeply connected to the source of this music: the Earth Mother.

8) Enjoy the music, enjoy the few moments in sacred space.

9) When you are ready, come back to your normal reality.

10) Take a moment to feel any differences in your body, to sense changes in your perception.

11) If you wish, write down or record your reactions.

from Dancing with the Wheel by Sun Bear, Waban Wind, and Crysalis Mulligan