Below listing is for personal reference and occasional trading. Quality of all video's is excellent, with only a few exceptions. Video's marked with * are my own recordings.
I've got a collection of classical music dvd's as well, which can be found

Wiebren de Jong
Groningen, The Netherlands 



AC/DC- Live compilation 1977/1978 (ntsc/120 mins).
Live at Donington 1991 (pal/120 mins).
Houston 1977 (ntsc/80 mins).
Aerosmith- Texas Jam 1978 & Video scrapbook 1984(ntsc/90 mins).
Lightning strikes; Houston 1988 (ntsc/105 mins).
Philadelphia 1990 (ntsc/100 mins).
Aerosmith- Unplugged 1990 (unedited version) (ntsc/70 mins).
Aerosmith- Woodstock 2; Saugerties 1991 (ntsc/120 mins).
Aerosmith- Roar of the dragon; Osaka 1999 (ntsc/120 mins).
Aerosmith- Rock Odessey, Fuji Speedway, Japan (ntsc/75 mins).
Jan Akkerman-
Live; Viersen and Leverkussen 2001 (pal/90 mins).
Jan Akkerman- Touch of class 2005 (pal/60 mins).
Jan Akkerman- The Hague 2007 (pal/90 mins).
Metallic live; Tokyo 1984 (ntsc/80 mins).
Power live; Tokyo 1984 (ntsc/75 mins).
Alice Cooper-
Detroit tubeworks 1971 & Good so see you again Alice 1974 (ntsc/110 mins).
Alice Cooper- The nightmare returns; Detroit 1986 (ntsc/70 mins).
Bernard Allison- Live at the New morning, Paris 1993 (pal/80 mins).
Bernard Allison- Kentucky fried blues 1995 (ntsc/45 mins).
Allman Brothers Band- Ohne Filter; Baden-Baden 1991 (pal/120 mins).
Allman Brothers Band-
Live at Great Woods 1991 (ntsc/90 mins).
Allman Brothers Band- Woodstock 2, Saugerties 1994 (ntsc/85 mins).
Allman Brothers Band- Beacon Theatre, New York 2003 (ntsc/210 mins).
Gregg Allman- Live on stage 1989 (pal/55 mins).
Alquin- One more night; Zoetermeer 2003 (pal/100 mins).


Bad Company- Merchants of cool 2002 (ntsc//90 mins).
The Beach Boys-
Knebworth 1980 (pal/70 mins).
The Beatles- Live at Budokan 1966 (ntsc/40 mins).
Jeff Beck- Tokyo 1999 (ntsc/95 mins).
Jeff Beck- Fuji Speedway, Japan 2006 (ntsc/60 mins).
Jeff Beck- BBC 2007 (pal/60 mins).
Adrian Belew-  Rockpalast, Leverkusen 2008 (pal/60 mins).
Dicky Betts and the Great Southern- Rockpalast; Essen 1978 (pal*/90 mins).
Birth Control- Rockpalast; Bonn 1994 (pal/80 mins).
Black Crowes- Rockpalast; Cologne 1992 (pal*/110 mins).
Black Crowes- Rockpalast; Cologne 1996 (pal/85 mins).
Black Crowes- Freak 'n roll into the fog; San Francisco 2006 (pal/140 mins).
Black Crowes- Spain 2009 (pal/110 mins).
Blackfoot- Switzerland 1982 (pal/45 mins).
Blackfoot- Kentucky 2007 (ntsc/80 mins).
Black Sabbath- Paris 1970 (pal/60 mins).
Black Sabbath-
Don Kirshner's Rockconcert 1975 (ntsc/30 mins).
Black Sabbath with Blue Oyster Cult- Black and blue, New York 1980 (ntsc/90 mins)
Black Sabbath-
Never say die, London 1978 (pal/60 mins).
Black Sabbath-
Cross purposes, London 1994 (pal/90 mins).
Black Sabbath featuring Rob Halford- Camden 2004 (ntsc/65 mins).
Black Sabbath- Rockwave festival, Greece 2005 (pal/90 mins).
Blue Oyster Cult with Black Sabbath- Black and blue, New York 1980 (ntsc/90 mins).
Marc Bolan & T Rex-
Compilation 1968-1977 (pal/95 mins).
Marc Bolan & T Rex-
Compilation various live footage 1971/1972 (pal*/50 mins).
Marc Bolan & T Rex-
Born to boogie 1972 (pal/240 mins).
Marc Bolan- The Marc shows from Granada tv 1977, episodes 1-6 (pal/130 mins).
Marc Bolan- Ride on, documentary 2005 (pal/60 mins).
Joe Bonnamassa- Fort Wayne 2001 (ntsc/120 mins).
Joe Bonamassa-
Rockpalast; Crossroads; Burg Satzvey 2005 (pal*/55 mins).
Joe Bonamassa- North Sea Jazz, Rotterdam 2007 (pal*/65 mins).
The Brew- Rockpalast; Cologne 2009 (pal*/65 mins).
Herman Brood & his Wild Romance- Rockpalast; Dortmund 1978 (pal/60 mins).
James Brown- Electric proms 2006 (pal*/60 mins).
Roy Buchanan- Introducing Roy Buchanan, documentery/live footage 1971 (ntsc/85 mins).
Roy Buchanan- Austin City Limits 1976 (ntsc/35 mins).
Roy Buchanan- Rockpalast; Hamburg 1985 (pal*/80 mins).
Eric Burdon & The Animals-
Rockpalast; Cologne 2004 (pal*/65 mins).


Camel- Footage; volume 1 & 2 1973- 2003 (2 dvd, ntsc/140 mins).
Camel- Coming of age 1999 (pal/140 mins).
Caravan- Live 2001 (pal/60 mins).
Larry Carlton- New  Morning, Paris 2004 (pal*/55 mins).
Johnny Cash- Glastonbury 1994 (pal/50 mins).
Stanly Clark- Montreux 1977 (75 mins/ntsc).
George Clinton & Funkadelic- Rockpalast; Loreley Open Air 1985 (pal*/100 mins).
Bootsy Collins- Jazz Baltica, Salzau 1998 (pal/75 mins).
Cobham, Duke & Scofield- Montreux 1976 (ntsc/65 mins).
Coloseum- Reunion concert; Cologne 1994 (pal/120 mins).
Robert Cray-
Rockpalast; Leverkusener Jazztage 2003 (pal*/45 mins).
Reunion concerts; London 2005 (bbc version) (pal*/90 mins).
Creedence Clearwater Revival- Traveling band 1969-1973 (ntsc/75 mins).
David Crosby & Graham Nash + Neil Young (solo)- BBC in concert 1970/1971 (pal*/60 mins).
Crosby, Stills & Nash- Daylight again; Los Angeles 1983 (pal/105 mins).
Crosby, Stills & Nash- Acoustic 1991 (ntsc/75 mins).
Crosby, Stills & Nash- Glastonbury 2009 (pal*/55 mins).
Cuby & the Blizzards- Mamelodi; Live in South Africa 2000 (pal/70 mins).


Damn Yankees- Live in Japan 1993 (ntsc/85 mins).
Miles Davis- Montreal 1985 (pal*/60 mins).
Miles Davis- Munchen 1988 (pal/120 mins).
Deep Purple-
Concerto for group and orchestra, London 1969 (ntsc/55 mins).
Deep Purple- Masters from the vaults 1970-1972 (ntsc/60 mins).
Deep Purple-
Machine head; Copenhagen 1972 (ntsc/95 mins).
Deep Purple-
California Jam 1974 (ntsc/75 mins).
Deep Purple- Total Abandon; Live in Australia 1999 (pal/95 mins).
Deep Purple- Live with the London S.O. 1999 (pal/120 mins).
Dio- Muziekcentrum Vredenburg, Utrecht 1983 (pal/60 mins).
The Doors- Live in Europe 1968 (pal/50 mins).
The Doors- Live at the Hollywood Bowl 1968 (pal/65 mins).
Dream Theatre- Tokyo 1993 (pal/75 mins).


The Eagles- Rockmasters; London 1973 (ntsc/40 mins).
ELO- Wembley 1977 (pal/65 mins).
ELO- Zoom tour 2002 (ntsc/95 mins).
Emerson Lake & Palmer- Beyond the beginning; various 1970-1997, 2 dvd's (pal/180 mins).
Emerson Lake & Palmer- Masters from the vaults; Brussels 1971 (ntsc/60 mins).


The Faces- London 1974 (ntsc/60 mins).
Fleetwood Mac- The dance 1997 (pal/105 mins).
Live at the Rainbow; London 1973 (ntsc/45 mins).
Masters from the vault, compilation 1970-1976 (pal/70 mins).
Focus- Classic albums; Moving waves, documentary 1999 (pal*/55 mins).
Focus- Live in America; Trenton 2002 (pal/110 mins).
John Fogerty- Premonition 1998 (pal/80 mins).
John Fogerty- Glastonbury 2007 (pal/55 mins).
Foghat- Hollywood 1982 (ntsc/60 mins).
Foghat- 2 Centuries of boogie, Dayton 1997 (ntsc/75 mins).
Foreigner- Superrock; Japan 1985 (ntsc/50 mins).
Peter Frampton- Live in Detroit 1999 (pal/100 mins).


G3 (Vai, Satriani, Malmsteen)- Live in Denver 2003 (pal/120 mins).
Rory Gallagher- Irish tour 1974 (pal/90 mins).
Rory Gallgher- Montreux 1975, 1977, 1979, 1985 & 1994, 2 dvd's (pal/280 mins).
Rory Gallagher- Rockpalast; WDR studio, Cologne 1976 (pal*/100 mins).
Rory Gallagher- Rockpalast; Essen 1977 (pal*/65 mins).
Rory Gallagher- Old grey whistletest 1976 (pal/50 mins).
Rory Gallagher- Rockmasters; Hammersmith Odeon, London 1977 (pal/60 mins).
Rory Gallagher- Rock goes to college 1979 (ntsc/45 mins).
Rory Gallagher- Rockpalast; Maifestspeile, Wiesbaden 1979 (pal/90 mins).
Rory Gallagher- Karussel; Switzerland 1980 (pal/50 mins).
Rory Gallagher- Rockpalast; Loreley 1982 (pal/130 mins).
Rory Gallagher- Live in Cork 1987 (ntsc/80 mins).
Rory Gallagher-
Extraspat; Stuttgart 1994 and Beatclub; Bremen 1971 & 1972 (pal/120 mins).
Rory Gallagher- Ohne Filter; Baden-Baden 1990 (pal/60 mins).
Rory Gallagher- Rocklife; Cologne 1990 (pal/90 mins).
Rory Gallagher- Interceltic Festival, Lorient1994 (ntsc/100 mins).
Danny Gatton & Tom Principato- Blazing Telecasters 1984 (ntsc/50 mins).
Genesis- High bitrate collection vol 1 & 2, 1972-1974 (2 dvd's, ntsc/120 mins).
Gentle Giant- On the box; Brussels 1974 & Long Beach 1975 (pal/90 mins).
Gentle Giant- Sight and Sound 1978 (pal/70 mins).
Gary Glitter- The greatest rock and roll show on earth; Sheffield 1992 (pal/80 mins).
Golden Earring- Rockpalast 1982 (pal/95 mins).
Golden Earring-
Rockpalast, Cologne 2007 (pal*70 mins).
Gov't Mule-
Rockpalast; Cologne 2005 (pal*/120 mins).
Gov't Mule-
Rockpalast; Cologne 2007 (pal*/125 mins).
Grand Funk Railroad- Various 1969-1972 (ntsc/50 mins).
Grand Funk Railroad- Live at the Los Angeles Forum 1974 (ntsc/60 mins).
Rockpalast; Dortmund 1978 (pal/85 mins).
GTR- Alabamahalle, Munich 1987 (pal/45 mins).
Buddy Guy- Ohne Filter; Baden-Baden 1991 (pal/55 mins).


Nina Hagen Band-
Rockpalast; Dortmund 1978 (pal*/60 mins).
Randy Hansen- Berlin 2004 (pal/80 mins).
George Harrison and friends.- Concert for Bangladesh 1971 (ntsc/150 mins).
Jeff Healy- Ohne Filter, Baden Baden 1989 (pal/55 mins).
Heart- Washington 1976 (ntsc/60 mins).
Heart- Live in Seattle 2002 (pal/100 mins).
Heaven and Hell- Radio City Musichall, New York 2007 (pal/120 mins).
Heaven and Hell- Rockpalast, Bonn 2009 (pal*/90 mins).
Hellborg, Lane, Lecco- Warsaw 1998 (pal/70 mins).
Hellborg, Lane, Sipe- New morning, Paris 2001 (ntsc/120 mins).
Jimi Hendrix- Stockholm 1968 (pal/55 mins).
Jimi Hendrix-
Live at Woodstock 1969 2 dvd's (pal/180 mins).
Allan Holdsworth- Tokyo dream; Live in Japan (ntsc/80 mins).
Glenn Hughes- Soulfully live in the city of angels 2004 (pal/90 mins).


Iron Maiden- The early days; Rainbow 1981, Hammersmith 1982, Dortmund 1983 (pal/115 mins)
Iron Maiden- Visions of the beast, various 1980-2003, 2 dvd's (pal/210 mins).
Iron Maiden-
Rockpalast; Rock am ring 2005 (pal*/90 mins).


Jethro Tull- Nothing is easy; Isle of Wight Festival 1970 (pal/80 mins).
Jethro Tull- Tampa Stadium 1976 (ntsc/65 mins).
Jethro Tull- Live at the Hippodrome 1977 and Rockpop 1983 (pal/90 mins).
Live in Japan 1981 (ntsc/95 mins).
Journey- Houston 1981 (pal/80 mins).
Journey- Live; Las Vegas 2001 (pal/100 mins).
Judas Priest- Screaming for vengeance; Memphis 1983 (ntsc/95 mins).
Judas Priest- Fuel for life; Dallas 1986 (pal/95 mins).
Judas Priest- Demolition; London 2001 (pal/90 mins).
Judas Priest- Rising in the east 2005 (ntsc/120 mins).


Kansas- Device voice drum; Atlanta 2002 (ntsc/120 mins).
B.B. King- Hamburg 1991 (pal*/95 mins).
King Crimson; Neal Jack and me; Japan 1984 & Frejus 1982 (pal/110 mins).
King Crimson; Deja vroom 1998 (pal/95 mins).
The Kinks- Rockpalast; Essen 1982 (pal*/90 mins).
Kiss- Alive; Detroit 1976 (ntsc/75 mins).
Young music show; Tokyo 1977 (ntsc/50 mins).
Kiss- Animalized; Detroit 1984 (ntsc/85 mins).
Kiss- Auburn Hills, Detroit 1990 (ntsc/115 mins).
Kiss- Rock and roll legends 1990 & Unplugged 1995 (ntsc/130 mins).
Kiss- The last kiss; East Rutherford 2000 (pal/85 mins).
Kiss- Fuji Speedway, Japan 2006 (ntsc/120 mins).
Kool & The Gang- House of blues Chicago 2001 (pal/85 mins).
Kraan- Rockpalast; Cologne 2001 (pal/40 mins).
Rockpalast; Bonn 2005 (pal*/90 mins).


Shawn Lane- Powersolo's; Instructional and live footage, 1993 (ntsc/60 mins).
Led Zeppelin- Boxset various 1969-1979 (2 dvd's pal/260 mins).
Led Zeppelin-
The song remains the same; New York 1973 (pal/130 mins).
Led Zeppelin- Earls Court 1975 (2 dvd's/pal/160 mins).
Alvin Lee- Ohne Filter Extra:Baden-Baden 1994 (pal/55 mins).
Little Feat-
Rockpalast; Essen 1977 & Pinkpop; Geleen 1976 (pal*/115 mins).
Living Colour- Rockpalast, Leverkusen 2008 (pal/90 mins).
Lance Lopez- Rockpalast, Cologne 2009(pal/75 mins).
Jon Lord- From the basement 2004 (pal/120 mins).
Paco de Lucia- Stadthalle; Germering 1996 (ntsc/115 mins).


Yngwie Malmsteen- Leningrad 1986 (pal/90 mins).
Mahavishnu Orchestra-
Live at the BBC 1972 (pal*/35 mins).
Mahavishnu Orchestra-
Montreux Jazzfestival 1974 (ntsc/115 mins).
Rockpalast; Cologne 1975 (pal*/65 mins).
Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush-
Bromont 1979 (pal*/60 mins).
Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush-
Various live 1975-1983 (ntsc/105 mins). 
Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush-
The Pop; Japan 1977 & Chicago 1983 (pal/30 mins).
Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush- Helsinki 1983 (privat/pal/130 mins).
Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush- Copa Club, Toronto 1986 (privat/pal*/150 mins).
Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush-
Canada day; Ottawa bluesfest 1998 (ntsc/85 mins).
Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush- Clubs Soda, Montreal 2001 2 dvd's (privat/ntsc/190 mins).
Marillion- Recital of the script; London 1983 (pal/80 mins).
Marillion- Live at the Loreley festival 1987 (pal/90 mins).
Marshall Tucker Band-Live from the Garden State 1981 (ntsc/90 mins).
Paul McCartney- Back in the USA 2002 (pal/120 mins).
John McLaughlin with Shakti- Jazz a Vienne 2004 (pal*/55 mins).
Al Di Meola- Seoul 2004 (ntsc/55 mins).
Metallica- Woodstock 2; Saugerties (pal/95 mins).
Metallica- Rockpalast; Rock am ring, Nurnberg 2003 (pal*/120 mins).
Metallica- Rockpalast; Rock am ring, Nurnberg 2006 (pal*/140 mins).
Pat Metheny Group- NDR Jazz Workshop; Hamburg 1980 (pal/135 mins).
Pat Metheny Group- Montreal Jazzfestival 1982 (pal/60 mins).
Pat Metheny Trio- Berlin 1990 (pal*/60 mins).
Pat Metheny Group- Secret Story, live in Brunswick 1992 (pal/90 mins).
Pat Metheny Trio- Umbria Jazz 1999 (pal/135 mins).
Pat Metheny Group-
Sessions at West 1998 & Austin city limits 2001 (ntsc/100 mins).
Pat Metheny & the Metropole Orchestra- North Sea Jazz; The Hague 2003 (pal*/60 mins).
Pat Metheny Trio-
Lugano Jazzfestival 2004 (pal/110 mins).
Pat Metheny Group-
Montreal Jazzfestival 2005 (ntsc/70 mins).
Pat Metheny Trio- Jazz Baltica 2006 (pal/75 mins).
Metropole Orchestra- Tribute to Joe Zawinul, Amsterdam 2008 (pal*/85 mins).
Moody blues- Hall of fame; London 2000 (pal/80 mins).
Monster Magnet- Rockpalast; Cologne 2004 (pal*/65 mins).
Steve Miller Band- Rockpalast; Loreley 1983 & VPRO documentary 1970 (pal*/115 mins).
Gary Moore- Live in Ireland 1985 (pal*/60 mins).
Gary Moore and friends- One night in Dublin 2006 (pal/70 mins).
Steve Morse- Ohne filter; Baden-Baden 1990 (pal*/60 mins).
Mother's Finest-
Rockpalast, Essen 1978 (pal/60 mins).
Motorhead- Everything louder then everything else 1991 (pal/60 mins).
Motorhead- Rockpalast; Wacken O.A. 2006 (pal*/60 mins).
Motorhead- Lowlands; Biddinghuizen 2007 (pal/65 mins).
Mountain- Sea of fire 2003 (ntsc/80 mins).


Nektar- Live; Trenton 2002 (pal/90 mins).
Nektar- Rockpalast; Crosssroads 2005 (pal*/120 mins).
The New Adventures- Rockpalast; Hamburg 1981 (pal/45 mins).
Ted Nugent-
Rockpalast; Cologne 1976 (pal/60 mins).
Ted Nugent-
Live Gonzo; Hammersmith Odeon, London 1976 (ntsc/40 mins).
Ted Nugent-
New years eve whiplash bash; Detroit 1987 (pal/85 mins).
Ted Nugent-
Full bluntal nugety; Chicago 2001 and vintage footage (pal/150 mins).
Ted Nugent- Sweden rock 2006 (pal/90 mins).
Ted Nugent- Motorcity mayhem, Detroit 2008 (ntsc/120 mins).


Mike Oldfield- Knebworth 1980 (pal/70 mins).
The Outlaws- MTV; Live in Philladelphia 1982 (ntsc/80 mins).
Ozzy Osbourne- Speak of the devil; Irvine 1982 (ntsc/75 mins).
Ozzy Osbourne- Bark at the moon; Saltlake city 1984 (ntsc/75 mins).
Ozzy Osbourne- Live and loud 1993 (pal*/100 mins).


Page & Plant- Irvine 1995 (ntsc/105 mins).
Page & Plant- Milwaukee 1995 (ntsc/100 mins).
Page & Plant- Rockpalast; Bizarre rockfest, Cologne 1998 (pal/90 mins).
Parliament/Funkadelic- Mothership connection tour 1976 (pal/85 mins).
Jaco Pastorious- Montreal 1982 (ntsc/60 mins).
Pink Floyd-
Live at Pompeii 1972 (pal/60 mins). 
Pink Floyd- Venice 1989 (pal/90 mins).
Pink Floyd- Pulse 1995 (pal/150 mins).
Robert Plant- Center stage; Montreux 1993 (ntsc/65 mins).
Jean Luc Ponty- In concert; Warsaw 1999 (pal/70 mins).
Porcupine Tree-
Rockpalast; Cologne 2005 (pal*/70 mins).
Prince- Rockpalast; Syracuse 1985 (ntsc/115 mins).
Tom Principato Blues Quartet- New morning; Paris 2003 (pal*/60 mins).
Prog Britannia- BBC documentery 2009 (pal*/100 mins).


Queen- Live at the Rainbow 1974 (ntsc/55 mins).
Queen- Live at Hammersmith Odeon 1975 (ntsc/60 mins).
Queens of the stone age- Rockpalast; Rock am ring 2003 (pal/60 mins).
Queensryche- Japan 1984 & Unplugged 1990 (ntsc/90 mins).
Queensryche- Operation livecrime 1991(pal/65 mins).
Queensryche- Live evolution 2001 (pal/95 mins).


Rammstein- Live aus Berlin 1998 (pal/90 mins).
The Ramones- Musikladen 1978 (pal/45 mins).
Rainbow- Rockpalast; Munich 1977 (pal*/115 mins).
Rainbow- The final cut; promo's and various liveperformances 1977-1983 (pal/60 mins).
Rainbow- Japan tour 1984 (ntsc/100 mins).
Red Hot Chili Peppers- Rockpalast; Loreley Open Air (pal*/40 mins).
Paul Rodgers- Rocklife; Cologne 1994 (pal*/70 mins).
Paul Rodgers- Ohne Filter; Baden-Baden (pal/60 mins).
The Rolling Stones- Bridges to Babylon 1997 (pal/120 mins).
Rose Tattoo- Jailhouse rock 1993 (ntsc/55 mins).
Rosenberg Trio- New Morning Paris 2003 (pal/60 mins).
Uli Jon Roth- Historic performances vol, 1 & 2 1979-1985 (pal/120 mins).
Uli Jon Roth & guests-
Rocklife; Jimi Hendrix tribute concert; Cologne 1991 (pal/120 mins).
Uli Jon Roth & guests-
Legends of rock; Castle Donington 2001 (pal/90 mins).
Roxy Music- Live at the Apollo; London 2001(pal/110 mins).
Todd Rundgern's Utopia- Rockpalast; Cologne 1977 (ntsc/90 mins).
Rush- Replay I; Exit stage left 1981 (ntsc/65 mins).
Rush- Replay:II  Grace under pressure tour 1985 (ntsc/65 mins).
Rush- replay III A show of hands; Birmingham 1988 (pal*/90 mins).
Rush- Live in Rio 2002 (pal/160 mins).
Rush- R30, Frankfurt 2005 (pal/130 mins).


Saga- Rockpop in concert: Dortmund 1981 (pal/55 mins).
Joe Satriani- Live in San Francisco 2001 (pal/150 mins).
Santana- Hammersmith Odeon, London 1976 (ntsc/60 mins).
Santana- Rockpalast; Dortmund 1980 (pal/130 mins).
Julian Sas- Delivered; Live in Holland 2002 (pal/120 mins).
Greatest hits live; Nottingham 1990 (pal/90 mins).
Saxon- Wacken Open Air 2001 (pal/95 mins).
Michael Schenker Group- Rockpalast; Cologne 1981 (ntsc/65 mins).
Michael Schenker Group- Superrock; Japan 1984 (ntsc/60 mins).
Michael Schenker Group- Unplugged 1992 (ntsc/60 mins).
Michael Schenker Group-
Rockpalast, Cologne 2006 (pal*/45 mins).
John Scofield- Hamburg 1988 (pal*/60 mins).
Scorpions- Live in Japan 1979 & rare videoclips 1977-1983 (ntsc/60 mins).
Brian Setzer Orchestra- Live in Japan 2001 (pal/85 mins).
Slade- Manchester 1972 & East Germany 1977 (pal/75 mins).
Slade- In flame 1975 (pal/80 mins).
Slayer- Live intrusion 1995 (ntsc/70 mins).
Slayer- War at Warfield 2003 (ntsc/90 mins).
Slayer- Still reigning 2004 (ntsc/60 mins).
Rockpalast; Rock am ring 2005 (pal*/55 mins).
Slayer- Rockpalast; Rock am ring 2007 (pal*/80 mins).
Solution- Reunion concert; Amsterdam (pal/100 mins).
Smashing Pumpkins- Rockpalast; Rock am ring 2007 (pal*/110 mins).
Spirit -
Rockpalast; Essen 1978 (pal*/110 mins).
Steely Dan- Two against nature 2000 (pal/100 mins).
Mike Stern- Der Fabrik; Hamburg 1996 (pal/65 mins).
Stephen Stills & Manasas- Beatclub 1972 (ntsc/40 mins).
Styx- Return to paradise 1996 (pal/110 mins).
Supersister- live at Paradiso Amsterdam 2001 (pal/120 mins).
The Sweet- Live at the Marquee 1986 (ntsc/60 mins).
The Sweet- Live at the capitol, Hannover 1991 (pal/85 mins).


Ten Years After- Munchen 1968 (pal/45 mins).
Ten Years After- Live at the Marquee 1983 (pal/55 mins).
Ten Years After- Live legends; Nottingham 1990 (ntsc/60 mins).
Thin Lizzy- Dedication, various 1973-1984 (ntsc/60 mins).
Thin Lizzy-Greatest hits, various 1971-1983 (pal/70 mins).
Thin Lizzy- Live and dangerous, Paris Theatre; London 1978 (pal*/60 mins).
Thin Lizzy- The boys are back in town; Sidney 1978 (pal/40 mins).
Thin Lizzy- Rockpalast; Loreley 1981 (pal/110 mins).
Thin Lizzy-
Rockmasters; London 1983 (ntsc/45 mins).
Thin Lizzy- Thunder & Lightning; Dublin 1983 (pal/55 mins).
George Thorogood & The Destroyers- Rockpalast; Loreley 1995 (pal/55 mins).
Thunder- Live in the UK 1997 (pal/100 mins).
Pat Travers Band- Rockpalast; Cologne 1976 (pal*/45 mins).
Pat Travers Band- Boom Boom; Live at the Diamond 1990 (ntsc/80 mins).
Pat Travers Band- Etched in stone; Live in Florida 2002 (ntsc/90 mins).
Joe Turner & Champion Jack Dupree- Paris 1970 (pal*/35 mins).
Triumph- Live at the US festival 1983 (ntsc/50 mins).
Robin Trower- Rock goes to college 1980 (ntsc/40 mins).
Robin Trower-
Rockpalast; Crossroadsfestival, Bonn 2005 (pal*/60 mins).


Rockpalast; Loreley 1983 (pal/*65 mins).
UFO- The story of, compilation 1971-2000 (ntsc/90 mins).
UFO- Strangers in the night; featuring Don Kirshner's rockconcert 1975 (ntsc/85 mins).
UFO- Rockpalast 1980 (pal/75 mins).
UFO- Misdemeanor tour 1986 (ntsc/60 mins).
Sowtime; Wilhelmshaven & Hannnover 2 dvd's 2005 (pal/200mins).
Uriah Heep- The Byron era 1973-1975 (ntsc/75 mins).


Steve Vai- Live at the Astoria; London 2001 (pal/140 mins).
Steve Vai with the Metropole Orchestra-
Groningen 2005 (pal*/90 mins).
Vandenberg- Heading for a storm; Live in Japan 1984 (ntsc/95 mins).
Van Der Graaf Generator-
Rockpalast; Leverkusener Jazztage 2005 (pal*/55 mins).
Various artists- Rock and roll circus 1968 (ntsc/65 mins).
Various artists- British glamrock compilation 1970-1977 (pal/180 mins).
Various artists-
Rockpalast;The Krautrock Archives Volume 1 & 2 1970-1978 (2 dvd's/pal*/310 mins).
Various artists- Never too young to rock 1975 (pal/70 mins).
Various artists- Night of the guitar volume 1 1988 (pal*/55 mins).
Various artists- The glam top ten 1996 (pal/80 mins).
Various artists- Crossroads guitarfestival; Dallas 2004 (pal/210 mins).
Various artists- 70's compilation; VH 1 & TOTP 1970-1979 (pal/170 mins).
Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble- Montreux 1982 (pal/50 mins).
Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble- Montreux 1985 (pal/90 mins).
Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble- Live at the El Macambo 1983 (ntsc/65 mins).
Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble- Alabamahalle; Munich 1984 (pal 45 mins).
Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble- Rockpalast, Loreley 1984 (pal/85 mins).
Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble- Tokyo 1985 (ntsc/90 mins).
Venom- Live at the Hammersmith Odeon (pal/60 mins).


Wheather Report- Montreux 1976 (pal/90 mins).
Donington 1983 (ntsc/60 mins).
Whitesnake- Superrock; Japan 1984 (ntsc/55 mins).
Whitesnake- Still of the night 2006 (pal/110 mins).
The Who- Charlton Athletic Soccerground 1974 (ntsc/70 mins).
The Who- Tommy 1975 (pal*/110 mins).
The Who- The kids are allright; various 1979 (pal/95 mins).
The Who- Glastonbury 2007 (pal/85 mins).
Edgar Winter & Rick Derringer- Live in Japan 1990 (ntsc/65 mins).
Edgar Winter, Rick Derringer & Johnny Winter-
Rockpalast, Bonn 2007 (2 dvd's/pal*/170 mins).
Johnny Winter- Montreux 1970 & DKRC 1973 (ntsc/70 mins).
Johnny Winter-
Rockpalast; Essen 1979 (pal*/125 mins).
Johnny Winter- Toronto 1983 (ntsc/50 mins).
Johnny Winter- In session with Dr. John 1984 (ntsc/45 mins).
Johnny Winter-
Sonet Studio's, Stockholm 1987 (pal/40 mins).
Johnny Winter- Pieces and bits 1970-1999 (ntsc/80 mins).
Johnny Winter- Live in the seventies 1970-1979 (ntsc/90 mins).
Wishbone Ash-
Rockpalast; Cologne 1976 (pal/90 mins).
Wishbone Ash-
Live in London 2003 (pal/110 mins).
Wishbone Ash- New Morning Paris 2003 (pal*/55 mins).
Wishbone Ash- Hamburg 2007 (pal/120 mins).
Zakk Wylde- Boozed, broozed and broken boned; Detroit 2003 (ntsc/75 mins).


Yes- Yessongs 1972 (ntsc/70 mins).
Yes- 9012 live; Toronto 1984 (pal/70 mins).
Yes- Keys to ascension 1997 (pal/150 mins).
Yes- Live from the House of blues; Las Vegas 1999 (pal/85 mins).
Yes- Symphonic Yes; Amsterdam 2002 (pal/150 mins).
Yes- Songs from Tsongas 2003 (pal/140 mins).
Neil Young & Crazy horse - Rust never sleeps (pal/120 mins).
Neil Young- San Francisco 1986 (2 dvd's, pal/200 mins).
Neil Youg & Crazy horse- Weld 1991 (ntsc/105 mins)
Neil Young & Crazy Horse- Year of the horse 1995 (pal*/75 mins).
Neil Young & Crazy Horse-
Rock in Rio 2001 (ntsc/115 mins).
Neil Young- Rockpalast; Rock am ring 2002 (pal/155 mins).
Neil Young- Heart of gold 2005 (pal/95 mins).
Y&T- San Francisco 1985 (ntsc/60 mins).
Y&T- One hot night; De Boerderij, Zoetermeer (pal/120 mins).


Frank Zappa- Stockholm 1973 (pal/55 mins).
Frank Zappa- Does humor belong in music 1988 (ntsc/55 mins).
Joe Zawinul Syndicate- North Sea Jazz, The Hague (pal*/55 mins).
ZZ Top- Rockpalast; Essen 1980 (ntsc/90 mins).
ZZ Top- Dortmund 1981 (pal/40 mins).