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#Hack - Legend of Twilight Braclet



 #Hack - LTB is actually a new anime based upon previously famous #Hack -Sign world. It revolved around a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) known as The World. The story start when Rena and Shugo (left) won a contest allowing them to use the legendary character of Kite and Black Rose (original #hack - Sign character). But who setup the contest? It is a mystery and the plot thicken as players started to go into coma after being killed by extraordinary monster in the game.  The series is a bit short but the story/concept is interesting. Overall a good anime.

   Rating : 7.5/10



#Hack - Sign

 This is original #Hack series. The story is about a player Tsukasa who was trapped in the Online game called The World. Somehow he was unable to logout and he lost his memory. As the story progress, he was befriend by a lady warrior name Mimiru and a Swordman name Bear. And together they try to help Tsukasa to regain his memory and solved the final mystery of The World. This anime got one of the most haunting and enchanting soundtracks I've ever heard. The storyline is also very good, albeit a bit confusing at first. Definitely a top notch anime.

Rating : 8.5/10



CatGirl Nuku-nuku Dash !

 This is a story set in an alternate universe from the original OAV series. In this version, Higuchi Atsuko ("Nuku-Nuku") is a Mishima Corporation military "androbot" who is reprogrammed by persons unknown to protect living things. Undercover as a nineteen-year-old accident victim with amnesia, she comes to stay with the unsuspecting Natsume family - Kyuusaku, a slightly mad scientist; Akiko, a research supervisor for the Mishima Corporation and Ryunosuke, their hormonal fourteen-year-old son. Ryunosuke immediately falls head-over-heels for the beautiful "Nuku-Nuku-san". This series is a pale comparison to the original OVA series. However this series does have some action sequences that might remind you of Armitage. The storyline is abit overuse by other anime out there but the animation is not that bad. You can give this anime a go if you got nothing better to do in the evening.

Rating : 6.5/10



Cardcaptor Sakura (TV series, Movie 1 and Movie 2)

    Many people thought that CCS (Cardcaptor Sakura) is a silly girly cartoon pretty much like the Sailormoon series. But actually I found out that I quite enjoy the series. The story is about a young girl named...yup Sakura, who accidentally release all the Clow cards. The Clow cards are magical card that grant the user magic power. These cards will also wreak havoc upon the world if left uncheck.  Keroberus, the Seal Beast who suppose to guard the Clow cards make a pact with Sakura making her a Cardcaptor and ask her help in recapturing all the Clow cards. Thus begin Sakura adventure as Cardcaptor. The series follow how she capture all the cards and her encounter with a rival from Hong Kong. The first Movies continue her adventure to Hong Kong to capture a card. The second Movie is the grand finale ending the Cardcaptor Sakura series.

Rating : 7.5/10



Detective Conan (Mentaiten Conan)

    Detective Conan is a highly popular Japanese Detective animation created by Gosho Aoyama. The story revolve around a young detective boy name Conan. I only had random episodes and 2 movies of this highly popular animes. Quite enjoyable if you are a fan.

 Rating : 9/10



Dual - Parallel Trouble

I remember first seeing this anime in the AXN channel. The story revolve around a boy named Kazuki Yotsuga who can see mecha battling around the city when nobody else can see it. The illusion is so real that he had trouble differentiating reality from fantasy. Or ... is it really fantasy? Mizuki Sanada, a very popular girl in Kazuki school took interest in his visions and brought him to her father, a mad scientist. Through experimental accident, both Mizuki and Kazuki were sent to another parallel dimension by Mizuki's father. Thus begin their adventure in the parallel dimension as they look for a way to return home.

 You can see that the mecha design was influenced by Evangelion series and the story line was a bit similar to El-hazard. Nevertheless it is still a highly entertaining anime series.

Rating : 9/10


E's Otherwise

 This anime is based upon the original story by Yuiga Satoru. Kai Kudo is a nouryoku-sha (person  with ESP) with the Ashurum organization. Kai begins to realize that there may be more to Ashurum than meets the eye. However he willingly offered his service to the organization in return for the care of her sick sister Hikaru. During an operation, he begin to realize how much normal people hated nouryoku-sha and he was nearly killed by his own team mate Shenlung. Heavily wound and presumed dead by Ashurum, Kai was rescued by Asuka.

I kindda like this anime series. The animation is smooth while the story is interesting. It might not have as much action as far as action anime goes but the series is still very entertaining.

  Rating : 8/10


Full Metal Panic !!

Full Metal Panic !! is another mecha anime (I'm a sucker for mecha anime!!!). The story revolved around Sagara Sousuke, a sergeant with the secret anti-terrorist organization known as the "Mithril". He was send to Japan to protect a girl name Kaname Chidori. Because of his military training and his lack of social skill, Sagara faced a lot of humorous situation as he try to adept to the new surrounding. This is a very entertaining action, comedy anime.

Rating : 8.5/10




Full Metal Panic !! 2 Fomoffu

 This is the next installment of the ever famous Full Metal Panic. However this special OVAs talk about Sagara life as a student and the blossoming love with Kaname and doesn't have any mecha action (unless you counted that robotic Bunta-kun suit a mech). Each episode is separate and each one is as funny as the next one. Definitely a good comedy anime. Too bad it doesn't have any mecha action....sigh. But it is still a good watch. You better grab a seat and get ready to laugh your ass off this one.

 Rating : 8.5/10





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