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April 2001

Apr 14 - Apr 19 - Apr 26

April 14, 2001

I was a quarterback on a football team. Although this is a position I covet, in this dream I sucked at it. I recall throwing several bad passes to receivers, either overthrowing them or they were short and the pass-catchers would scramble to yank them up from an impossible position. Soon, I began to feel like shit because I was supposed to be this star quarterback dude and I was tossing nothing but crap. Several plays came and went and among them I remember a girl with (of course) shoulder-length black hair who lateralled the ball to me in flea-flicker fashion and then I guess she was supposed to go out and catch it but, of course, because I sucked major crap in this dream I missed the perfect throw. Then there were times when that girl was to throw me the ball but I remember something going wrong there, like me not catching it or some other degrading exposition on my part. I felt pretty bad actually, supposing to be this star quarterback/football guy and performing like I had four humans shoved up my ass. Around this timeframe I recall seeing Penelope Ford and we talked together casually. She spoke of how she noticed that I just sucked at throwing passes and how it wasnít cool about how I would miss passes and then laugh about it. No one, apparently, thought it was amusing that I was missing passes and laughing about it. I started to realize that this was serious and that people were looking at me badly and whispering under their breaths about how much I sucked. Penelopeís talk was a cool one and forced me to be humble.
I was with a group of people and suddenly there was a feeling in the air of having to go to lunch. It was in a work-type of environment and so, of course, instead of hanging around with the others in the cafeteria or wherever it is that employees that I work with eat at, I chose to go the Wildwood Park like I always do. I was suddenly in a lab class of some sort which reminded me of the EET lab I was always in at Pierce College during my college years.

April 19, 2001

This dream was cool as hell. I was in a castle, gathered together with a bunch of other people. Apparently we had all been given notice in some way, perhaps by mail, to gather here at this mysterious castle. It was very much like that movie Clue; just a bunch of unrelated schmucks gathered together for some strange, unknown, mind-boggling, baffling reason. It was very dark, around the time of when dark is strangling the light of day and forcing the atmosphere to be as gloomy as it can be. We gathered on the second floor of the castle in a room that reminded me of a living room of some sort and it was dark, very dark. Apparently there was no way to light the place up; no electricity, lamps or anything. I recall looking at someone, man or woman I canít remember. As they stood by a couch I could barely make out their features because it was dark. This room we were in was vast, 60 or 70 feet long and 30 feet wide, casements on the left and a solid stone wall to our right. Ahead of us was a darkened aperture on the left hand side of the wall over there that probably led to a staircase. There were around five of us and we stood there in this darkness, contemplating one another and what the hell we could possibly be doing here. We knew that someone had contacted us to be here and we were all just kind of waiting around for that to be explained to us. Suddenly we were by the casements to the left of the room and looking out into the pitch-black courtyard below. There in the distance we saw the light of a torch and it was getting closer. Someone was carrying this torch and was running from the outer surroundings of this castle and into the courtyard. Although we could see the light of the torch clearly, we could not see who or what was carrying it. I, and maybe everyone else there as well, watched through the casements as the flame of the torch ran into the courtyard and then into the castle below us from the upper right of the courtyard, which was 75 feet by 75 feet square, and to the lower left of the courtyard underneath us and into the castle where we could not see it anymore. It was a magical, phenomenal sensation, watching this and actually being there to experience this fantasy. The courtyard was encased with walls 15 feet high to the right, left, and in front of us. To the left, the courtyard walls met with the castle from which we stood and watched. Beyond the courtyard walls, beyond the gate to our left through which the torchbearer ran in through, was a dark countryside, a hill and silhouetted trees in the distance outlined against a dark gray sky and the universe beyond. So we watched this torchbearer enter the castle and there were mixed feelings among us all at that point and Iím sure I speak for us all there. There was the feeling of terror as we heard this mysterious carrier of the torch enter the castle, wondering who it could possibly be and what his intentions were, but at the same time we were relieved and fascinated because we knew that the person who carried this torch was the one who had summoned us here and soon we would know what the purpose of this gathering in the dark of night was all about. In the darkened living room on the second floor we stood and listened. We could here the footsteps of someone skittering about the numerous staircases of the castle, running this way and that. Somehow we knew that the person was on their way to the room we were in, but until that person appeared we all stood and stared into the dark with eyes wide with wonder, terror, and fascination. The next thing I recall is the person with the torch actually being in the room with us, although the torch was gone at that point. He was a man with long, middle-of-the-back-length light brown hair. As soon as this guy made himself known and started to explain why we were all there, the feeling of tenseness and fear in the air instantly dissipated and we all felt comfortable as hell. This guy was as 6-foot-tall individual and he was very nice and un-intimidating. He was probably wearing a long pale-colored robe. It was still dark but we could see one another pretty well. He spoke to us, explaining to us what our scavenger hunt type of assignment was while we were in this castle. There was one time when he said something and as he started to speak, the sound of a gothic organ sounded, playing a few haunting chords. The guy in the robe paused as these chords filled the air, and it was amusing when he did. When we heard the music, he had been talking, explaining to us what our assignments were, but when the music started it had interrupted him in mid-sentence, so he stopped talking and waved his arms in front of him like a Catholic priest does during a church session, much like the Let us pray phrase. It was like he was supposed to move and talk in time with the intimidating organ music in the background but he had forgotten about it and just talked, but was stopped short in mid-sentence when the chords struck loud enough to remind us all that Iím still here and refuse to be ignored. When he opened his arms in ritual fashion it was like he did it in a way that suggested that Okay Iíll do this required motion but I was really on a role here and could do without all the required moving of arms and stuff. We snickered, realizing his feelings, and he spoke on. I wasnít really sure what the mission was that we were required to perform while in this huge dark castle, but I knew it meant we were to search out clues in different parts of the fortress. There was a woman/girl there with short shoulder-length black hair and her name was Lori. For some reason I felt compelled to make sure she was all right during this eerie hunt for clues we were on. We all dispersed in our different ways throughout this grand structure but I felt drawn to search for Lori, to make sure she was alright whether she needed it or not.

April 26, 2001

I was with a group of people and just what exactly we were doing I couldnít tell ya. The actor Gary Busey was among one of the people in this group, as well as my old acquaintance Forge Justinward. Maybe there were 10 or 20 of us total. There was no feeling of intimidation or fear but that changed when suddenly I realized we were in a room about 20 feet by 20 feet round. There were several doors in this room and they all started closing, apparently in an attempt to keep me in so I could be killed or something else terrible and unpleasant. Realizing that all these people were actually bad and not very nice at all, I managed to squeeze out of one of the doors in the room before it close, thus escaping whatever after it was these people had in store for me. I realized around this time that I had a little dog, a very small dog in fact. It was a dinky little poodle or some tiny dog like that, maybe a Chihuahua, and it was only a few inches long. Soon I realized that this little dog thing was one of the others that wanted me dead. I got the feeling that it was like an evil robot and so were the others, like Satan or something possessed them all. I ran and ran, soon coming to a building that I entered. This place reminded me of Lake Hamilton Baptist Church, the church I attended in 1979 and 1980 when I lived in Arkansas, and inside there was a revival, or some other high-energy type of event, occurring in one of the rooms; the one that is the first one to the right as you enter when walking into the door facing the parking lot, that door to the right of the main door that has the walkway with railings on it. The dog and I entered this ranting and raving session and since the dog was possessed, it started to become exorcised because it was, after all, at this church revival thing. Well, being exorcised when youíre a three-inch Chihuahua is a big thing and takes a lot out of you. The dog began flopping and bopping about, jumping as high as 6 or 7 feet into the air and then slamming back onto the floor and then jolting back into the air. In the tradition or Regan, the dog then puked up a thin stream of upchuck that was kinda pinkish and plastic-like. Some of this stuff got on me and it felt weird, like synthetic and not really something you would expect coming out of another living thing. A bunch of other indefinable stuff started spewing from the dog and eventually the canine was no longer possessed.

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