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April 2003

Apr 7 - Apr 10 - Apr 27

April 7, 2003

I was in a house and there was something going on, like a party or some other event. I think the house may have been the one where I grew up in at the top of South Hill. There was a band in the house, maybe down in the rec-room part of the house, maybe not, who knows, but all I can remember of the band was a woman who was in the group. She was short, around 25 years old, and had shoulder length, straight, dirty-blonde hair. The band must have been on a break because the girl was talking to me off to the side of the room, right by where mine and Charles’ bedroom door was. I looked down at her and I cannot remember what her face looked like, but I know she was pretty good-looking. However, for most of the time that I talked with her, I was looking at the top of her head—I remember seeing the white line that defined the part in the top of her head. I asked her for her name several times and although she did indeed answer, the name was so long and complicated that I couldn’t understand what she was saying.
I was in a room with a bunch of wild chimpanzees, or animals that looked something like chimpanzees. They were small, two to three feet tall, had black hair all over them, and they were kind of hunched over like you would imagine chimpanzees to look. These animals were dangerous and were trying to kill me—in fact I think they eventually did. The room I was in was long and was separated by a long Formica-topped counter in the center. I remember viewing this counter as it stretched from one side of the room to the other, from my right to the left. The end of the three-foot high counter was rounded and stopped three feet short from the other side of the room. The room gave me the feeling of being in some kind of hospital or other professional-type atmosphere. There were cupboards on the wall in front of me stretching from one side of the 50-feet long room to the other. The thigh-high counter that lined the wall from one side of the room to the other underneath the cupboards had one or two sinks in it, just like those kind you would see in a science or lab classroom. I could see the side of the room I was on rather well but the other side of the room on the other side of the counter was dimly lit and vague, no details about it at all visible to me—just the darkness over there. As events unfolded, all I could see was the left side of this room. There were several chimpanzees lying on the floor there, evenly spaced out in several rows with three to a row. They seemed motionless, like they were dead or sleeping or just relaxing motionless there. As I was being killed in some way, I could see splashes of blood fly in from the right side of my vision, which was the area on the other side of the counter that I couldn’t see, and splash onto the bodies of the monkeys lying on the floor. There were several large waves of blood, hefty drops and arms of red liquid, spraying from whatever was happening on the right side of the room, over the counter and onto the monkey bodies lying on the floor. Obviously, this meant I was being torn apart or something equally as unpleasant by these primates. There was a little boy that had been with me throughout this dream who was about 7 or 8 years old, but I can’t remember many details about him. He had been lying on the floor with the monkeys when the blood started splashing. Eventually he rose to his feet and walked over to the right side of the scene, which was the right side of the counter, the area I couldn’t see. He did this, apparently, so he would also be killed. I don’t think he wanted to die but it was more a feeling of knowing he was going to get it, so he may as well get it over with, and also because if it was happening to me then he wasn’t going to let me die alone.
There was a guy that was among a group of dangerous people. I may have been in the group or just watching the scene from the side of the room. The room was dark and vague, and the guy who was among the group was going to die very soon. These people were in some kind of cult or something like that. I thought this because they were all wearing long black robes, like Dracula capes. There was a main guy in this group, the head spacey guy or whatever, and he had shoulder length blonde hair and reminded me of no one I know. There were around 5 or 6 people in the remaining part of the black-caped group, some women and some men in their 20s or 30s. The guy that was among them that was not a part of this group stood among them when suddenly the main black-caped guy said to the rest of the group: “Beat him to death.” He gave them these instructions and when they did, the group of people began shoving the man back and forth from one side of the group to the other. When the guy was shoved toward my side of the room for the second time, someone had lashed out with a whip that had wrapped around the guy’s neck and/or head. This, in some way, killed the guy and as he died, I could see mosaic-like evil smiles on the people in the cult; one white smile especially memorable was that of a woman to the right who had long black hair. Her smile looked like it had been added onto her face artificially, like it was someone else’s smile but it had been pasted onto her face, like a magazine clipping pasted onto the image of a woman’s face on another page of the magazine.

April 10, 2003

I was putting out a bowl of food for Tiger and Bandit, my kitties. William was there and he may have actually been the one who had put the bowl out for the cats, not myself, but whatever the case, the bowl was put into the laundry room, I’m pretty sure, where we usually put out food for the cats. The food in the bowl appeared to be tuna fish and also had a lot of juice in there, making the tuna fish chunks swimming around in a watery mixture. We put the bowl on the floor and Tiger was the first to get a taste of it. He liked it so much that he buried his head in the mixture all the way until his head actually disappeared into the swampy tuna mixture. Tiger began gorging on the food, eating it right up, and Bandit followed after him and also ate. The next thing I recall is William standing on the edge of a lake and he was fishing. There were some other people there but I can remember nothing about them. William was holding his fishing pole and the line was in the water. Apparently he was using some of that tuna fish mixture that the cats ate for his bait on the end of the hook. William started reeling in the fishing line. The line went into the water at a 45-degree angle and I noticed William had not used a bobber. I got the feeling that since the bait was so good that he should have used a bobber. I guess I thought that since using a bobber would dangle the bait just below the surface of the water instead of the bait resting on the bottom of the lake, then using a bobber would have increased his chances of catching a fish.

April 27, 2003

I was at a building that kind of reminded me of The Visitors Center at Mountain Rainier. It wasn’t The Visitors Center but because of the rounded construction of the place it kind of looked like it. Inside this place were a lot of people that I could see through the glass walls that encircled this building, much like the see-through style of walls at Covenant Celebration Church, the church just down the road from me. Anyway, there was a guy there who looked just like Spanky Pops, and it may have even been him but I’m not absolutely certain. He may have had that mullet growing from the back of his head like he used to have. He was pissed off about something and because of this, he entered the building with the glass see-through walls like those at CCC and was carrying a large nail gun, a beige, blocky, bulky thing about the size of a large circular saw or impact drill. I viewed this from outside about 30 feet away—I wasn’t inside the building yet. Whatever made Spanky mad must have been pretty bad because he walked up to a bald guy, placed the nail gun in the top part of the forehead of the man, and fired a nail right into his brain. I think this dropped the bald guy to the ground. There were around 30 people inside this part of the building and what Spanky had done started a commotion. After killing the bald guy, Spanky then approached a man who was lying on the floor on his stomach. Spanky bent over and promptly nailed the guy in his buttocks then also shot him once in the spine. As I stood outside and was watching this, I felt terrified because William and Sarah were inside the building somewhere. Somehow we had gotten separated from one another and they had been left behind in the building while I had gone outside. Of course this would never happen in real life, but since it did in this dream you can imagine how I felt. As I continued to watch what was going on inside the building from outside, I saw that someone had managed to grab a fire hose and he used this to squirt Spanky. The water that came out wasn’t very pressurized, not how you would imagine a water jet from a fire hose to be. The water kind of sprayed out in a six-inch diameter stream that shot for a few feet but then just limply bowed down and splashed onto the floor. However, when the guy shot this weak stream of water at Spanky, the volume was enough to knock the nail gun out of Spanky’s hands. Vaguely I remember some police officers arriving on the scene, handcuff Spanky, and walk him away to somewhere deeper into the building—maybe there was an exit that way or something. There was also some other guy that got arrested, an accomplice to Spanky perhaps, although I really can’t remember anyone doing anything wrong except Spanky. Whatever the case, this other guy got carried away by the police. He was your average-build type of guy and as the police carried him away, two cops lifting the legs and two carrying him by the arms, the guy squirmed and wiggled around, trying desperately to wriggle free. The cops carried his frantically whipping body out the same direction Spanky had been escorted to earlier; a darkened doorway that led deeper into the building. This signifying that it was now safe to enter the building, I started walking back to the structure, wanting to find my kids. As I walked toward the building there was an older woman to the right of me, a lady around 50 years old that had neck-length curly brown hair and looks like no one I know. She could see I was distraught and to comfort me, she grabbed my arm and put it around her neck. I started to cry a little bit, explaining to her that my kids were still in the building. As we entered the building, I encountered the crowd of people I had seen from outside and I was in the area right where Spanky had attacked people with the nail gun just a minute before. There were a lot of people but one woman with long brown hair with bangs cut off straight horizontally stood out in my mind. She, as well as some other people that were there, walked around with their hands in the air in stick-em-up fashion. Apparently this signal meant that it was all clear to enter the building. In addition to this arm raising, they also said something, I can’t remember what, but their words also meant that the building was safe to enter.

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