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April 1990

Apr 8 - Apr 20 - Apr 29

April 8th, 1990

I was at work, and I heard a page for me. The number was 172-7006 or 7. I heard it several times so I began to look for an available phone. Every time I came to a phone, it was being used. I remember seeing a phone on a counter by a wall, but someone was using it. I suddenly felt an important urge to answer this phone call, this page of mass importance. I ran out of the building and looked for my truck because I was going to drive around and look for a phone so I could answer the call. When I saw my truck, Charles was driving it, speeding along the sidewalk to the right of me. I ran after my truck, screaming for Charles to stop. He wasn't going very fast, as if he had just started pulling away. Apparently he heard me and stopped so I could get in. We found a phone when he drove, in front of us and to the right in something like a small parking lot or at the end of an alley. There was small pickup to the right of us pulling into the parking lot, the driver also wanting to use the phone. We raced to a stop and I'm not sure but I think the driver of pickup (blue Toyota) made it to the phone first.

April 20th, 1990

I was by a body of water, maybe Alder Lake. I was on the embankment and looking down at the lake, to the right of us. I had a Volkswagen Beetle but Pepper Hunter was driving it. I was in the passenger side and Charles sat in the back behind Pepper. Pepper was laughing and he started driving my car to the very edge of the embankment. I started getting angry because Pepper was ignoring me, laughing and continuing to drive to the cliff. Then the car started sliding down the cliff and Pepper was still laughing, and I think Charles was too. I was really mad by this time and started saying things like, "Fuck you godammit!" and other assorted words like that. Eventually I guess we slid all the way to the beach. The VW was stuck in the wet sand and mud down there. I barely remembering doing something like pushing the car out or Pepper driving it out, something like that.

April 29th, 1990

There was a bear after me. I started climbing a tree with the bear right on my heels. However, the bear couldn't climb the tree for some reason. I got a very deep feeling from that experience, the bear waiting for me down below. I continued climbing and soon got level with a cliff. Suddenly the bear, which was light-colored and looked like a polar bear but with long, sleek hair, jumped off the ledge of the cliff and towards me. It was about a ten foot length and the bear didn't make it. It reached out and managed to snag some branches on the way down, but I knew it wouldn't get me.

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