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April 1991

Apr 6 - Apr 12 - Apr 15 - Apr 22 - Apr 25

April 6th, 1991

I was with a group of people at a lake. There were about five of us and the leader of us was a woman, but nobody I know. We were a special team, like the Impossible Mission folks. I can't remember the first part of the dream, but it involved doing something in the water near a dock. What I do remember is swimming out to the dock, the woman leader in the front of the pack. When we got near the dock, there was a roped off area with small flotation devices holding the rope afloat. There was something different about the water inside this area and the leader watched us as to what our reaction would be, like this was part of a test in being a spy or whatever. I reached the water and passed through the ropes and instantly noticed that the water was warmer. This frightened me because for some reason the warmer water led me to believe there were sharks in that water. It was strange because the water was cold then instantly warm, the two different bodies of water not mixing with one another. The woman leader sat on the dock and explained that this was salt water, which was why it was warm. I guess she expected us to swim through the warm salt water and to the dock, but I feared for sharks too much so I lifted the rope and went back out into the cold fresh water. Later, I remember being on the dock. Somehow a shark was trapped on the dock. It was caught beneath the boards of the dock, as if there were two levels in the dock's construction. I can't really remember the shark's body, but the head was that of John Goodman of the Roseanne Barr show. I had a knife and I kept stabbing the head because I figured I had to get back to shore and I certainly didn't want this shark swimming around when I got back in the water. I had a stubby little knife and I kept stabbing the shark in the head (which was that of John Goodman). As I stabbed multiple wounds, I kept thinking of stabbing the knot on the back of the head where the spine connects with the brain because I figured if I stabbed that then the shark would surely die. As I continued to stab and draw blood, the face of John Goodman looked up at me and smiled a morbid smile, as if it was saying, "You'd better kill me because if you don't, you're dead when you hit the water." I didn't kill the shark and I don't think I ever did hit that knot on the back of its head, although I did stab a lot around it. Along with some help from the others, I managed to get the shark back in the water. I saw bruises on its body from the torture I had inflicted upon it and was a little concerned that they were bruises now instead of the stab wounds I had earlier inflicted. This meant the shark was healing but I guess I felt even though it was alive it still wouldn't be able to attack me in the water. I don't remember actually putting the shark back in the water, but I do remember another, long gray shark coming onto the dock. It slid into a long trough which kind of resembled the trough we used to put the pigs food in on the top of South Hill. This shark looked like a real shark, head and all, but I can't recall whatever happened to this one.

April 12th, 1991

I was at my mom and dad's house with Lisa. Their house seemed different, like it was a cross between the house they used to live in at Lake Tanwax and the house they live in now at Ocean Shores. We were all sitting around a table and we were talking about something. I said something and it really pissed Lisa off so she turned to me and said something like, "Just fuck you." I was really surprised to hear her say that and she really was mad at me. I remember the shirt she was wearing had a big heart on the front of it. Anyway, her saying "Fuck you" to me wasn't as drastic a statement as it should have been, but this was a dream. Lisa looked at me with blank hate and I could remember dad looking down like he couldn't believe I was letting my wife talk to me that way. I raised my finger and pointed it to Lisa like I was going to stress a point in argument, but I didn't want to cause a scene, so I let it pass at that time. As I lowered my finger, I remember seeing Stephan. He looked at me and smiled as if he found the predicament I was in amusing. Later, I was in a small cottage or something that was next to my mom and dad's house, like it was a guest house or something. Sitting at a table in the room was Lisa as well as Edna and Amanda. Now out of earshot of my parents, I began bitching at Lisa, saying stuff like, "Don't you ever do that again" and "How dare you do that you bitch" and other shit like that. However, it had little affect and Lisa was still being a bitch. Even Amanda and Edna were looking at me and saying what an asshole I was and stuff like that.

April 15th, 1991

There was a lot of action in this dream but I can only remember a little of it. I was at work and it was my first day at my new position. I remember running around and doing a lot of stuff, being busy like I always am. I remember seeing Brendle Foamith standing at the entrance to my work area. He was just standing around not doing anything and I asked him, "Need anything Brendle?" He just smiled and said "No" and continued to stand there doing nothing. I smiled and said "Oh" like I knew I wasn't his boss and I couldn't tell him not to stand around any more. I then turned and ran off to do something else, like I always do when I'm at work.

April 22nd, 1991

I remember being on a bus, like a school bus or Greyhound bus. It was going up a windy hill through some dark forests, kind of reminding me of the drive along Highway 101 on the west coast. For some reason I got mad and wanted off the bus. I somehow managed to sneak off without anyone knowing as the bus still traveled along the road, but I knew the others on the bus would notice I was gone. I had a back pack and thought of hitchhiking to my destination instead of riding the bus, which I suddenly realized was dumb. A girl (I don't know who) and my brother Trent managed to get off the bus about a quarter of a mile ahead of me to join me. There was a magical feeling of anxiety in the air throughout this dream, which left me with that special feeling of wonder after I awoke.
I remember being among a group of people who weren't really people at all. They swarmed around me and I somehow knew that they weren't people but rather, aliens from another world, although they looked exactly like human beings. It was like they were in disguise or something. I was scared, not knowing what they were going to do to me. They made strange noises among themselves and looked at me amusingly and although they never did hurt me, I felt like they may at any second. Then there was an alien/human, or maybe it was two or three, standing to the right of me. They made buzzing/farting sounds when I touched them. This was because they were not human and this was their way of communicating. I think I laughed as I touched them and they buzzed and farted with every touch. I still wasn't sure what these people wanted with me, then suddenly off to the right, a big monster alien approached us. It was scary at first, but then I realized it wanted to set me free from this group. The alien suddenly took on the form of a manta ray. Then there were two of them and one grabbed onto the other one's tail as they stretched over the side of a cliff. I remember seeing the undersides of them as they stretched over the side. This was the way they allowed me to escape, perhaps letting me hang onto them as I climbed down and away to safety.

April 25th, 1991

Lisa and I were moving into a new house. I don't remember seeing my house, just this older one, and moving stuff into it. I remember being at the water hook up for the washer and dryer, probably in the house I live in now, and we were discussing what we were going to do since we were moving and we wouldn't have machines to do our laundry. Then we remembered that we owned our own washer and dryer and it didn't matter. Someplace around this house, down the road or in the driveway or something, I was driving a beater car, but I can't remember what kind it was. I had talked to someone and I think he gave me directions to somewhere so I started to drive to where he said to. I think I took a wrong turn because the road turned and twisted downward, suddenly not resembling a road at all but rather, a windy path through the woods. There were big dips and trenches in the road but somehow I managed to drive on it. I was driving up a hill now, the same kind of rugged, uneven terrain, and there was a car right behind me. I managed to just keep out of its reach. I felt like whatever it was that was following me was trying to do something bad to me. Then there were some kids running alongside the car. One of the kids was a boy, about eight years old, and he was smiling. It seemed like he had curly blonde hair and was wearing a cap of some kind. He ran next to my car and I was kind of scared of these kids too, like maybe they were the things after me in the first place. This boy talked to another child that ran with him. One asked the other something about what I was driving and the other said I was driving, "One of those gas-powered things," like they had never seen a car before. In front of me on the small, narrow road were the roots of a big tree. I started driving up an embankment towards the roots of the huge tree. The roots sprouted out from the slope and the tree must have been somewhere above.

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