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April 1993

April 1, 1993

I was going to Victoria BC with some other people but I'm not sure who, although I think Lisa was one of them. To travel to Victoria, a bunch of us got into an undersea bubble-like contraption that was like an undersea home or hotel room which acted like a travel compartment. I vaguely remember seeing the thing as it was halfway above the surface of the water. It had a couple of windows about two feet tall and three feet long. I saw two of them. When this "bubble" went underwater, I remember looking out into the ocean as we began our journey to where we were going. It was an incredible sight. I saw a school of flounders swimming up and down just above the surface of the bottom of the sea. These flounders actually looked like sea rays, but I classified them as flounders. There were about thirty or so of them as they danced up and down along the sea bottom. It was a cool sight. To the right, through another window, were strange creatures that I have never seen before and I know exist nowhere on this planet. They kind of resembled cows but their bodies were not so defined. Their shape was kind of smooth and lumped together, like they were some type of starfish or jellyfish or some other type of spineless life that slithers along the bottom of the ocean. However, they were the size of cows and had four legs, but their bodies were obviously suited for the sea. There were several of these walking in line as a group, and the first one was a red color and had small white spots all over it like it was mutated or something. It's face was near featureless, the eyes, nose and mouth kind of blending together so nothing was really recognizable. They kind of reminded me of that weird cartoon in National Lampoon magazine with all those mutated-looking characters in it, one of which was an old woman who cooked cookies in her kitchen. The other creatures in line behind the first looked the same as the first, but were different colors. I know the second one was purple but I can't recall what color the other ones were. I also remember seeing a turtle-like creature that had the head of a human. Everything about this animal looked like a turtle except for the head. The head was a man who had short black hair and I didn't recognize the face. It slowly swam upwards and to the right. As I saw the creatures, I didn't think anything unusual, as if I knew these animals existed but I had just never seen them before. Later, it was dinner time and I remember seeing a box or compartment which held several big crabs. I remember seeing three large crabs sitting at the front of the compartment. The legs on these crabs looked real strange, like they were half crab legs, half octopus tentacles. The crab in the middle was purple and it slithered its legs about and around its body. It was hard to identify these creatures as crabs because they were so large (nearly two feet wide) and had such weird legs. There was a cook, who is someone I know but I can't remember who that someone is right now, who took one of the crabs, not the middle one, and put it in a pan which had some butter in it. The pan was hot and the crab began to sauté away. As I looked at it, I asked where the crab's front legs were, the big ones with the pincers, because I couldn't see them. The cook explained that they were underneath the crab's body, that it had cradled them up underneath itself for some reason. There was also a feeling here of something eating these or other crabs without eating the legs. Something just swallowed up the body, perhaps scooping out the innards, and disregarded the rest of the body. I remember talking to the cook as we stood by a kitchen sink and a cutting board. It was an old friend of mine, I felt, and I was kind of surprised to see that he had taken up cooking as a livelihood. He explained that he really liked being a chef and he was the one who was going to prepare our meal. I vaguely remember seeing a table low to the ground by the compartment for the crabs. I think this was our dinner table and it was like those Japanese tables that are so close to the ground. There may have been a few people sitting at it. Later, I remember walking around because someone had told me that there was a Jacuzzi somewhere. I remember opening up a sliding glass door and seeing a rather large Jacuzzi, kind of block/L-shaped about twenty feet away. It was kind of elevated, like there were steps leading up to it. I think there were people sitting just beyond it, and they were behind a sliding glass door. I think it was slightly steamed up because the Jacuzzi was so hot. This was when I knew that this Jacuzzi was for them and not for us. It was like they had a more expensive suite and were a different party altogether than the one I was with. I don't think we had our own Jacuzzi so we never got to use one.

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